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Leonana 01-13-14 06:58 PM

When I'm not working out or dressed up, I wear Birkenstocks. With socks in the winter, which horrifies my teenage dd. :D

neatski 01-13-14 07:06 PM

I love my Vibrams post workout. They stretch out my toes!

fitty5 01-13-14 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by Fitstick (Post 2347386)
Have you ever tried on the Skechers that have memory foam in them? They are very nice!

I second this one!! Love them!!! :love:

ilovemygreatdane 01-13-14 09:36 PM

I love the Skechers too. The first time I put on a pair of Go Walks I fell in love. I bought a few different kind, as long as they are memory foam or soft inside. They have quite a few styles, even boots.

BunnyHop 01-13-14 10:13 PM

My old shearling slippers were kinda worn out, so I ordered the UGG shearling insole replacements in the same size, and they work great!

Definitely cheaper than new slippers.

sheepla 01-14-14 06:22 AM


Originally Posted by Leonana (Post 2347454)
When I'm not working out or dressed up, I wear Birkenstocks. With socks in the winter, which horrifies my teenage dd. :D

This is me too. I must have arch support, so slippers never touch my feet. Particularly after a run when my feet are sore, Birkenstocks give instant relief.

meg39 01-14-14 07:24 AM

Love my Birkenstocks too....whenever my knees start aching, I know I need to start wearing them for a few days.

workoutjunkie 01-14-14 09:15 AM

I love my Orthaheel slippers. Got them from QVC.

PrairieGem 01-14-14 04:19 PM

You know, I felt kind of silly posting this thread, but evidently recovery shoes are an actual thing! A couple of Google searches (starting with "post-workout shoes" and leading to "recovery shoes") suggest that this was a particular trend around 2010 (corresponding with the height of the intensity trend, maybe?). Lots of articles reference those classic Addidas slides with the nubby footbeds. It looks like several companies that had dedicated recovery lines (like Crocs) have gotten out of the game, but Skechers and GoLite seem to have stayed strong!

This Glamour piece pooh-pooed the idea, but I know how MY feet feel after a workout, and they absolutely don't want to be crammed back into a pair of sneakers! :eek:

Thanks for the suggestions, everybody! I have really nice memory foam slippers and a couple pairs of Crocs/Knoc-offs that I wear around the house all the time, but I will definitely keep my eye out for the Skechers. :)

Debbie S. 01-14-14 05:19 PM

I used to be a huge Birkie fan. The Arizona was my favorite. I could wear them without socks in the summer and with socks during the colder weather. LOVED them.

Then I started wearing Fitflops. LOVE LOVE this brand. I wear their flip flops pretty much year round, and their Gough and fur lined clogs during the colder weather.

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