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PrairieGem 01-13-14 02:48 PM

Your favorite post-workout shoes?
For working out, I need a really supportive athletic shoe... but afterward, sometimes my tired feet want something a lot more relaxing and soothing... kind of the shoe equivalent of a soak in a hot tub or a good hug. :p More substantial than a bedroom slipper, but soft. Cushy. A big ol' aaaahhhh for the feet. :love:

Anyone have favorites that fit the bill? I've recently discovered I have wide feet, so all my previous shoe-shopping knowledge has just gone out the window!


Fitstick 01-13-14 05:08 PM

Have you ever tried on the Skechers that have memory foam in them? They are very nice!

Sissy B 01-13-14 05:19 PM

I like my Crocs.

patchworkpenguin 01-13-14 05:28 PM


I have some pretty substantial scuffs that have a 1/2 in foam sole. I didn't think they would last very long but I think this is year 3? for them. I wear them around the house all the time; the foam insulates my feet against the cold floors better than a heavier rubber sole does. We have hardwood floors with only a few rugs. In the summer I wear reef shoes inside.

laurajhawk 01-13-14 05:30 PM

Bedroom slippers! But mine are pretty substantial fleece-lined suede with a decent rubber sole. (I don't recall the brand; they were a Christmas present. :) )

Sissy B 01-13-14 06:02 PM

I have regular Crocs and fleece lined Crocs for winter.

cyana 01-13-14 06:08 PM

LL Bean's shearling lined Wicked Good Clogs. :love:

I liked the first pair so much I bought a second pair to have in case they discontinued them!

PhyllisG 01-13-14 06:11 PM

Short Ugg boots. I wear them as slippers around the house.

violingal3 01-13-14 06:21 PM

Mine go straight into a pair of heels for work. :(

cherimac 01-13-14 06:51 PM

In the winter I like fuzzy socks with aloe in them. :)

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