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GypsyRose 09-02-20 03:11 PM

Margaret Richard & Friends 2020
Hello! Welcome to the Margaret Richard & Friends check-in :sun:
Everyone is welcome!

You don't have to exercise to Margaret or even workout at all- just stop in and say Hello!

GypsyRose 09-02-20 07:37 PM

Today was a rest day.

YOQI- Qigong segment for my evening practice.
Okay, off to do some qigong.

summer breeze 09-03-20 08:33 AM

Hi all !

Yesterday was a walk, some kettlebell swings and MR's All My Best Vol 3 A. Another goody from the All My Best series. Biceps, deltoids (which always kill for some reason), back, calves (not my favorite body part to work but not bad), standing outer thighs (barre-ish, not as challenging as lying outer thighs) and inner thighs done on the back, my preferred way for inner thighs. This wasn't as challenging as the workout I did last week but I liked it.

ROSE, thanks for starting the new thread. I think the title is grammatically correct :) ( I saw your post from last month's thread). I hope you enjoyed your qi qong.

Waves to PAT & DONNA!

Have a great day!

Pat58 09-03-20 08:39 AM

Good morning everyone! I was sleepy all day from waking up at 3:30 yesterday morning, but I squeezed in Unplugged 1925. It had some interesting back work and I can feel it today in a good way. While Margaret was doing "food for thought" and cool down I got my hip circle on for butt raises and outer thighs.

Rose, thank you for starting a thread! Finishing out the year with this one check-in is a good idea. I take "and friends" to mean not just us participants but also our "friend" fitness instructors and I like plain "Margaret Richard" too. ;)

Great workout Summer!!

It's almost Friday, make it a good day girls. :love:

donnamp 09-03-20 08:51 AM


I like the new challenge title, particularly since i haven't been doing MR! Although, I am thinking about Bubbles' rotation!

Today was:

Pahla B - Day 4 - Moderate Weights - she incorporates a lot of standing core and balance work which does make it difficult for me to go any heavier than 5 lbs. But i think that is what Pahla herself is using, LOL! Although, I do sometimes go lighter - 3s or no weight if I feel I need to.

Yoga w/ Kassandra - Morning Yoga Challenge Day 4 - neck and shoulder stretches

Last night I did Ellen's Core Cardio from her streaming site for some additional movement. It is a pretty low key workout.

Hope everyone has a good day!


GypsyRose 09-03-20 07:51 PM


Today was Margaret Richard All My Best Volume 2 section A....Summer Breeze, I think we did the same workout. The deltoid work was kinda hard.

I need to do more aerobic exercise. This is the hottest week of the year on the Gulf Coast. Ugh. So jealous with all of the cold temps others are experiencing or will be soon.

Donna- Pahla Bs workout today looked pretty good. How was it for your balance?

Pat-the Unpluggeds are strange like that- seems simple and then a move will be tough...

Off to do some Qigong

donnamp 09-04-20 07:36 AM

Hi Everyone,

Today was:

Gina B - "Decades" DVD (I can't remember the name of it!) But i did the last 70's walk on the DVD plus warm-up and cool down. While the choreography is a bit disappointing in this set - it really feels the same for all the segments. I did get over 3,000 steps from this 15 min segment (plus warm-up/cooldown). So, that isn't bad.

Pahla B - Body Shaping Challenge Day 5 - This was core work on the floor. I actually really liked it - it seemed to hit all the right spots. I was thinking this wouldn't be a favorite of mine, but, surprise!

Yoga w/ Kassandra - 30 Day Morning Yoga Challenge - Day 5 - Not much to say, but i am enjoying Kassandra - and I like that she is focusing more on Yin yoga, which was not really my thing before, but for some reason, I feel drawn to it so I will explore some of her longer yin practices as time allows.

Gypsy Rose - I need cardio, too, I sit all day at work and w/ working from home I move even less since I just don't have to get up to to go to the printer, walk to my car, etc., etc. If it makes you feel any better, it has been terribly humid here this week. I think it is supposed to improve for the weekend, though.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Pat58 09-04-20 09:07 AM

Good morning and TGIF!!!!

Yesterday I accomplished a 20 minute lunch walk and 20 box climbs. The weather is causing my asthma to become a real pain and so I pulled out a RaviAna after a long hiatus and did a couple segments from Fat Free.

Have a happy Friday everyone!!! :heart:

donnamp 09-05-20 07:16 AM

Hi Everyone,

This morning was:

Pahla B - Body Shaping Challenge Day 6 - Walking w/ Weights
Yoga w/ Kassandra - Morning Yoga Challenge Day 6

Not sure what is up for today - the weather is nice - much lower humidity. So that is good.

Hope everyone has a good day!!!


summer breeze 09-05-20 08:20 AM

Hi all !!

Thursday was just a walk with DH in the park and yesterday I did two walks, morning and evening, some push-ups and squats, and a couple of segments from Core Fusion Lean & Toned.

DONNA, you're doing a great job with Pahla and the yoga. I wish I could just follow a rotation like that, I don't know what my problem is :o. We're enjoying some drier pleasant weather here too.

PAT, good job with your workouts. Sorry about the asthma. Is it allergies triggering it?

ROSE, nice job with MR and qi qong. In the winter I always say I wish I lived somewhere warmer all year round but after this brutal summer I'm looking forward to colder weather for once.

Have a great weekend!

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