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deineira 04-05-13 02:38 PM

Dream Body Check In
I just started doing Dream Body today and since I learned about it from this forum, I figured there are others who are doing these regularly. I did not see another thread for this, but if there is one, please point me to it. If not, then I'm opening this one to see if anyone wants to join in and track their results with me. I will do these consistently until the end of May, and mix in some Tonique and Peak 10 workouts, at least that's my current plan.

Today I did Fusion for the first time and I found it extremely challenging. I made it through, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I felt great afterward. There are unique moves here that will continue to challenge me. I really loved this workout.


bee 04-06-13 01:21 PM

Hi Eva! Thanks for starting this check in. I have gotten really bad about check ins lately -- don't know why -- I just can't keep up, but I will try. I'm doing a similar mix as you -- some Dream Body, some Tonique, and then other stuff as well. I've been doing a live program with Mindy Mylrea, so that's definitely cut into how many times I can get to these. That has mostly ended, so hopefully I'll get back into a groove of morning home workouts again.

momofcha 04-06-13 01:49 PM

Hi! I'm doing them, but it's very sporadic as I'm focusing on heavy lifting right now. I did the floor portion of bikini bootcamp the other day & fusion barre. They are still challenging & I've had them since Christmas.

furmomof6 04-06-13 03:26 PM

Hi Eva, Sue & Bee! I'd love to join! I plan on using these as often as possible for at least the next month and see where they take me. This will help me stay accountable.

They are quite a challenge for me so I sometimes need 2 days rest in between. I've been walking & doing some yoga in between DB workouts. Today is an official rest day for me, but I plan to start back up with Fusion Mix tomorrow.

Eva, I think Fusion is my favorite. I love all the yoga (on speed, lol) inspired moves!

Thanks for starting a DB check-in! :)

deineira 04-06-13 07:12 PM

Hello Bee, Sue and Furmom...
Thanks so much for joining this check in to chat about DB workouts with me. I did not see a consistent place to chat about them on the board, and I was specifically interested in hearing from others who are doing them and what your results are, and I hope I'll be sharing some results of my own! I agree with you, Furmom that it also keeps me accountable.

So, I'll post a little late that Friday I did Fusion (I got my set on Wednesday) and I liked it. It was hard...keeping track of that ball was definitely challenging, but hopefully I'll get more nimble with it over time. I felt very clumsy with it. There were some moves I really struggled with, but I wasn't really going 100% since I was not sure what to expect. Next time I'll try harder. I was sore in my hip flexors the next day which has never happened. I thought I would be more sore in my inner thighs, but nada.

Today I did Tonique Premier and a few rounds of Cathe's Cardio Core Circuit between the squat and lunge section.

Tomorrow is a DB day. I think Tabata and Toning are on the horizon, and I'm going to try to add in a Horizontal Conditioning Getting Started workout. I am trying to do longer workouts on the weekend, but during the week I don't add on like that.

OK, wish me luck tomorrow with T&T!

Bee, I'm not too familiar with Mindy Mylrea, although U've seen that name. I mostly do Cathe, so I'm not as savvy about instructors as a lot of VF folks are, but I'm now starting to branch out more. I am not getting the results I want with Cathe lately and I need to shock my body with something new.


furmomof6 04-07-13 07:36 AM

Good morning ladies! This morning was Fusion Mix for me. I'm really excited to hear they are already filming new workouts, as I was really interested in some of the other classes they describe on their webpage!

It's interesting to read how others are mixing these up with TA, Tonique & other workouts. For now I'm just going to stick with DB and walking, as I think that is going to be the perfect combo for me. These workouts offer everything I love about working out, so right now I don't feel the need for much more variety. We shall see, I am a vidiot after all! ;)

Deineira: I go at my own pace with these workouts too, as right now they are beyond my fitness level. I love the challenge though and feel okay taking it slower and just doing what I can do. I look forward to hearing what you think about Tabata & Toning. I have to say that that one is my least favorite, just because those tabata intervals are so quick, I always feel like a fish out of water, lol.

Have a great Sunday!

momofcha 04-07-13 09:09 AM

Yeah, T & T is my least favorite too. I think it's because it's the hardest for me though.

Today was Fusion. I hope to get a little walk in later too.

SquishyMommy 04-07-13 11:00 AM

My Dream Body and Tonique dvds are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow and then I will be more than happy to participate in this check-in! I just finished JMBR, and while I love it I am a little burned out on it and ready for something new. I want to make DB and Tonique BTM my main workouts until summer. Hoping DB and Tonique will help me get back into bikini shape!

bee 04-07-13 11:18 AM

Hello! I posted on that thread in the GD about a weightloss boot camp the Fusion Fitness people are doing. furmom, I guess it was you who prompted me to go look at their website -- some of the other classes sound great!! At any rate, the boot camp is three DB classes per week (live, of course) and then three cardio sessions the people do on their own. It actually begins today, and they'll go for twelve weeks. I'm not sure I could manage three DB's a week, but I'm wondering if anyone wants to set that as a goal. Of course, all that said, I did my workout before I saw that this morning and I ended up doing Tonique Premiere. I think this is the first time I did it listening to my own music and people are right -- it really flies by that way!! I thought it seemed fairly easy compared with BTM, but in my mind I had remembered it as difficult (I haven't done it in a very long time). Anyway, maybe I will try to shoot for three DB's a week and count tonique as cardio???? That might be too much for me.

Eva, Mindy is sometimes known as "the queen of cardio" -- though she does strength stuff too, but she generally makes the strength work have a cardio effect and she doesn't use weights much -- mostly body weight, band, that kind of thing. The program I've been doing with her is tabata-based, so I actually like the T&T one pretty well -- maybe Mindy has helped me with that!!

furmomof6 04-07-13 11:38 AM

Bee, that sounds great to me! Although I may have to work up to doing it 3x per week myself. I actually just replied to you in the GD thread. Yes, I mentioned their other classes on their website that sound good! I'll be really excited for some of those on DVD. You probably could count Tonique as cardio but, like you said, it might be too much.

Hi Squishymom! I am hoping DB gets me into bikini shape too!! (or at least shorts & tank top shape, LOL)

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