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netmom 04-14-02 10:28 PM

Need video recommendations for travelling
I am looking for a video that I could do when I travel - either at a hotel or staying at a friends etc. I normally do FIRM tapes at home but I don't want to bring any of the equipment (weights, step). So I'm looking for a non-dancey, cardio or cardio-toning tape that uses no equipment (rubber band or similar would be fine)and can be done in a fairly limited space. I am a high-beginner- intermediate level exerciser. I prefer mixed-impact or low-impact. Any suggestions?......Louise

Trish 04-14-02 10:49 PM

I am a long-time Firm lover too---. For travelling, Kari's Fitness Formula (more basic) or Body Tech use Dyna Bands and may be just what you're after.

Kari's video personaility and choreography is a change from the Firm. You won't be able to max out on the poundage as you can at home with the Firm and those heavy dumbbells, and you will definitely need more room to move--but you can get a variety of dyna bands w/ different resistances from collage video. I got both of these vidoes recently at a great price on ebay & (NO, I'm not a stock holder! :-) )

Hope this helps,

Trish 04-14-02 11:05 PM

Sorry, Louise!
I meant Kari's Tone It Up (which comes w/ a Dyna Band--you may want to buy a Challenge band too from collage for this one's lower body work out) instead of Fitness Formula.

Tone It Up is easier than Body Tech.

Lenore Levine 04-14-02 11:17 PM

Gilad's Best of Bodies in Motion II
Gilad's Best of Bodies in Motion II is low-impact. It's about an hour long, and contains a mixture of aerobics and strength work. It uses no equipment.

Oh, Leslie has several tapes that use the Walk and Tone Belt. Of these, my favorite is her Three Mile Fat Burner.

netmom 04-15-02 09:37 AM

Thanks for the replies!


Debbie S. 04-15-02 09:40 AM

are great for traveling and so is Tae Bo. Both workouts need just a small space, so they really do work great.

SweatyGirl 04-16-02 02:46 AM

Charlene Prickett No Equipment Needed
I just wanted to mention --Charlene Prickett has a tape called No Equipment Needed that advertises itself as a perfect tape for vacations and traveling. From what I know, it's half cardio (low-impact) and half toning that uses your body weight.

Charlene seems to be one of those instructors that you either love or hate... I haven't done this tape so maybe someone else could give you a more thorough review or you could do a search on it.
good luck!

yafael 04-16-02 06:57 AM

Kari's Fitness Formula uses a step so it probably wouldn't make sense for traveling.

Trish 04-16-02 08:56 AM

My face is red. . . .
Yep, I definitely boofed my 1st response. Talking about Body Tech but meaning Tone it up.

And to futher sound even more incompetent, Body Tech uses a step and weights; so,

May I try again?

My ONLY choice would be Kari's Tone it Up-- w/ floor areobics and dynabands.

Hope you will forgive me,

p.s. I will NEVER correspond after drinking a glass of red wine again!

Debbie S. 04-16-02 09:11 AM

It's OK Trish
I personally will never post after drinking a cup of some exotic black tea mix that my DD brought home. :)

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