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karjoy 02-24-21 09:10 PM

Hi all. Ran 6 slow miles with Heather this am and got in a good upper body workout with Cathe band. Hit everything well except chest so I will do push-ups tomorrow.

Jbliff, DrillMax is super tough. Good job! I remember jumping over and over the mat. Yikes! Yes, seems like lots of the old Catheís were at least an hour long. Even the all step workouts.

Cher I bet you really look forward to going to the cabin after a long, cold winter. Something to get excited about. Do you have to take lots of supplies or do you keep some stored?

Looks like warm weather may be set in from now on. I think we are done with cold mornings like today when it was 36 degrees. Oh well, must adapt.

Waves to all, kareng

Vantreesta 02-24-21 11:41 PM

It's been an up and down week. I forget now why I didn't workout on Monday. Tuesday I started the 30-Day Qi gong challenge again then did Caroline Jordan's exercises for high hamstring tendonitis, ran/walked 1.972 mi for wk3 day2 of the 10k trainer, 12 Days of Crossrope day 8, a segment of Quick Fix Pilates Abs and Slim & Limber. I felt great and got housework done before breakfast and everything else. Today I didn't feel great when I got up so went back to bed for an hour. Body was better but still feel weird/off. I was hoping changing to spring wouldn't mess me up this year but I'm not so sure. Anyway, I couldn't get myself to workout this morning or do anything else. I decided I would workout after my 2:00 chiro appt, was all fired up for it and as I walked up to the house coming back from my appt I discovered our 100+ pound cement dwarf who's been sitting in front of our house for a decade was gone. Who steals a big cement statue from someone's house??? I have just been so upset about it and never did workout or do anything else. I know I should have shaken it off and moved on but i am just stuck on the fact that someone had to actually plan to steal it. It's not like you toss a hunk of cement in your backpack and walk away. It took a plan, at least two people and a vehicle and it was done while I was in the house, unless they were ballsy enough to do it while we were out walking. So that was my day. I hope I stop dwelling on it tmrw.

Cher 02-25-21 07:01 AM

Workout yesterday was Jenny Ford March Across America Ohio. This is why I hate streaming took 10 minutes to get the Fire Stick to work on my TV then another 5 minutes to find the workout I was going to do, then the damn thing froze half way through and I had to run and get my iPad (more wasted time) and finish off my iPad. So much of my workout time wasted. :mad:

Finally announced for our county that 60 and over can sign up for vaccine. (Was previously 65). Darrell is 62 so I got him on the list. We’ll see how long it takes for them to contact us for his.

JBliff - Mara turned one in November. We got to 45 yesterday and it was sunny too! Woo Hoo! Only about a high of 34 for today but I’ll take it. That’s good for February.

Karen - When we go to the cabin, we mainly just bring whatever food and drinks we want. My mom will bring more staple stuff back up for her refrig. We usually all eat dinners together but handle our own breakfasts and lunch a lot of the time. As far as other things, we do have sheets, towels, blankets, dishes and all that type of stuff that we leave at the cabin all the time. (My mom has a washer & dryer in her cabin). I also have cleaning supplies that I leave up there all the time too. So, there might be a few extra things but not much more than normal.

Vannie - That really stinks about the statue. How can people just do stuff like that????:mad:

Gibbee 02-25-21 08:31 AM

Vannie: How awful! Why would someone do that? A friend of mine had a statue of Mary taken from their yard a couple of years ago. Why? I am sorry to hear this happened.

Cher: I wish the middle was in syndication somewhere! I could use a distraction.

JB: I agree. Some of the older workouts sure feel fresh.

Karen: We had a blip of warm weather but it's passed. That's OK - at least the sun has been out a bit more.

Check in: Still having some real exhaustion. This week I have done:

Monday: Fit Split push weights only
Tuesday: 1/2 mile walk
Wednesday: RAW Strength #1 (new to the app), 10 minute Leslie walk
Today: ICE RESE Punch mix only, RAW get up & move planks


JBliff 02-25-21 08:48 AM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was a 95-minute brisk walk with DH. It was a beautiful day (mid 60s and sunny) so we couldn't stay inside.

- There were lots of jumping in Drill Max and tricep pushups on the ball. Those were fun.

Cher - Sounds like it was a workout to get a workout in :D. That's awesome you got your DH signed up for the vaccine. We are still not in the phase where people under 65 without pre-existing conditions can sign up.

Vannie - That is pretty awful about someone stealing a heavy concrete statue. You're right it must have been planned. I don't blame you for being super upset.

Gibbee - Can you get the series on DVD?

Have a good day, everyone.

JBliff 02-26-21 05:13 PM

My workout yesterday was Fit Split Bootcamp/Legs & Glutes and a short walk in town.

Waves to everyone.

Cher 02-27-21 07:19 AM

No workout Thursday, DH talked me into going out to breakfast so those of you that know me, knows if my workout doesnít get done in the morning, it usually doesnít get done. Yesterdayís workout was KCM Your Best Body Lower Body & Cardio premix and Body Design Upper Body.

Gibbee - Good job with your workouts. How much work other work has to be done before Alex and her fiancť can move in their house?

JBliff - Sounds like such a nice walk the other day. I was going to go for a walk Thursday (after breakfast) but my street does not have side walks and despite it being sunny, there is still to much snow on the side of the road so if a car came by, there is no where to walk but in the piles of plowed snow and I didnít want to have to wear boots to walk. Hopefully itíll be melted soon. DH doesnít have an appointment for the vaccine yet, so Iím sure it will be a while since there are not many available yet. This is just the list for them to call you when it is.

JBliff 02-27-21 10:03 AM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was a 45-minute walk with DH and Perfect30 Mobility Basics. Yesterday was the last non-rainy days we'll have in a while but it was pretty damp and cold.

- I wouldn't go for a walk either if I had to walk through snowdrifts. At least your DH is on the list; that's the first step!

Waves to everyone. Have a good day.

karjoy 02-27-21 08:21 PM

Hi guys. Sorry I missed the last couple days. The time escaped me. Today we did a long run, 15 miles, using intervals. Itís getting pretty warm now but we lucked out and the clouds stayed behind the sun most of the time.

Vannie that is horrible that someone stole your dwarf! I mean, what in the world?
It sure sounds like it was planned. I keep shaking my head...

It got up to 80 degrees here today but looks like it will be down to low 70s in a day or 2.

Cher I would not walk without sidewalks either with snow drifts piled up. And people these days drive so distracted that I take NO chances and Iím glad you donít either! Do you have to drive some place to go for a walk? Thatís great your DH might be vaccinated soon.

Jbliff a 95 minute walk in 60ish degree weather sounds heavenly!

Gibbee your workouts look really good. Iím love the old Cathes but it is nice to have shorter workouts for sure.

Night all

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