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woodie 05-07-13 09:43 PM

this is interesting...

lila_says 05-07-13 10:43 PM

For those who've purchased the download, would you rate it as inter., inter./adv., or advanced? Also, how does it compare it terms of level of intensity/difficulty to Dream Body? Thanks!

hotncmom 05-08-13 08:14 AM

I checked my Dreambody set tracking this morning and they routed it through Austin last night (why?) so if I'm lucky it will be here tomorrow. So I was thinking about buying this download to give me something Dreambody-ish to do today. I would like to see more details on the workout first (to me, $15 is a lot for a download). Is there a warm up? Stretching? Does it include more exercises than just those you see on the promo? It says there are 8 segments to the workout. What does that mean? TIA

olala 05-08-13 09:25 AM

Yes, there a stretch, a little bit warm up, very similar to the original Dream Body, Barre/Cardio(using plates)/abs/core. It is an intermediate workout.

momofcha 05-08-13 10:06 AM

I may, or may not have just caved myself :o

fuzzie 05-08-13 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by shammy902 (Post 2226917)
I may, or may not have just caved myself :o

A review, pretty please? :)

trishthedish 05-08-13 10:18 AM

This looks great!!

momofcha 05-08-13 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by fuzzie (Post 2226919)
A review, pretty please? :)

I just downloaded it. I promise to review it. I will try and preview later today, but as for doing it? It probably won't be until Friday morning... :)

fuzzie 05-08-13 11:04 AM

Thanks, Sue! Looking forward to it...

momofcha 05-08-13 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by fuzzie (Post 2226949)
Thanks, Sue! Looking forward to it...

OK, here's my review upon preview only:

details/specifics: it's 30 minutes, music is almost non-existent
equipment needed: 1-2lb. weights, gliding discs, barre or chair

Start with a quick warm up:
down dog (further known as DD) alternating leg pulses/heel pumps
DD to push ups
push ups
DD leg lifts
plank leg pulses (pulling leg to chest & back)
mountain climbers
side plank - grab weight and in free arm hold weight up and bring straight out to the side; then add leg lifts (WOW)
all fours - squat back, press to a full push up (similar to a move in the original DB DVD)
switch sides and repeat all moves
forearm plank to straight arm planks
little strech

Section 2 - barre/chair
wide leg plie pulses in releve
pulse legs back when in wide plie
one leg releve wide leg plies, arms straight up
wide leg releve pulses holding barre (tuck)
other leg releve wide leg plies, arms up
alternating releve/flat pulses in wide (sumo squat) pulses (a la P57)

side to the barre, hold on, leg lifts straight in front
weight in hand on same side, lower arms to meet leg lifting, pulse that move; hold that move and do small leg circles
switch sides

Section 3 - cardio - uses gliding discs
mountain climbers using discs (30 sec)
rest - shuffle side to side slowly
repeat mountain climbers (20 sec)
rest - shuffle
mountain climbers (10 sec)

grab weights
same move as in Bikini Bootcamp
one leg static, other behind you, hold weights - bring leg from behind to chest, lowering arms to meet in front
mountain climbers intervals again (30 sec; 20 sec; 10 sec) as before
repeat bikini bootcamp move on other side
mountain climber series again (30 sec, 20 sec, 10 sec)

Section 4 - blutes
on all fours put left leg straight to side
bring leg from the side to behind the bent knee (very similar to the original DB move)
keep leg straight to side - pulse, then circle in each direction
side plank (knee down), other leg straight out, arm on head - lift and lower leg; circle leg

on back (bridge work)
one leg on releve, as you lift, other leg is straight out and lift toward head; then pulse the leg

repeat on other side

Section 5 - Inner Thighs
sit down, one leg bent, other straight out
grab weights
lean back (slight c-curve), hold arms straight out to side, bring arms in toward body and lift straight leg, repeat
pulse arms & legs
hold arms straight out and circle straight leg in both directions
shake thighs out, stretch
repeat other leg

Section 6 - Abs/core
flat on back - legs straight in air, arms behind head
pull legs to chest, lift head to meet
leg straight out, other leg straight up - bring head to leg straight in air, lift and lower other leg
repeat both moves with other leg

bent arm plank holds
bent arm plank, lift leg out to the side and bend it bringing to your arms
repeat other leg (works obliques)
child pose
DD to push up to side plank - alternating sides
child pose

My overall impression - this is definitely DB "lite" the moves are much slower, more deliberate. Definite similarities, I think for those that think DB is too frantic would really enjoy this. I think this is a great place to start. She does a lot of explaining - what each section is accomplishing and the actual breakdown of moves. The actual number of reps is much lower than DB. I liked it and really like the 30 minute length - it will definitely come in handy.


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