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summer breeze 01-01-20 09:10 AM

Friends in Fitness - January 2020
Newcomers welcome!! Join us!!

Whatever you do for fitness, walking, running, stepping, dancing, yoga, weights, pilates, kettle bells, swimming, biking, etc., come join us and we will try to encourage, inspire, support, and motivate you to achieve your goals!!

Happy New Year!!

patchworkpenguin 01-01-20 03:26 PM

Today I did 3 miles of walking. 2 with Nick and one with Nadyia. The first and second were filmed in Leslie's remodeled studio {all while, yawn} while the 3rd was filmed in what seemed to be a small room. Same 4 basic steps but the music was updated and there were different variations on the steps. Nick was a lot of fun and kept us laughing the whole time.

We've been busy trying to get stuff done now that Hubby has the time. We are making progress on the to do list.

Happy New Year!

summer breeze 01-02-20 11:49 AM

Hi all !!

Saying hi and bumping us up. I didn't workout yesterday for no good reason really. Well it was gray and damp and that's very unmotivating for me. And I was just tired from a very busy night at work the night before. Today is sunny so I'm hoping to walk a little later when it warms up a tad and maybe I'll do a dvd in the meantime.

PENGUIN, glad you're getting that to do list done. That's always a good feeling.

Waves to all. Have a great day everyone!!

summer breeze 01-03-20 09:36 AM

Hi all !!

Yesterday I did Cardio Sculpt Express from SS exp and then a 46 minute walk later in the afternoon. It's showering right now and I have an eye dr appt this afternoon so not sure if I'll walk today. I'll try to fit something in at some point if I can.

Have a great day everyone!!

nora 01-03-20 02:57 PM

Here are my last few workouts:

jan 1 The chisel part of Sizzle and Chisel and some of Petra K's Just Dance segments
Jan 2 Totally Cool Step
Jan e Cardio Sculpt - Pam Cosmi

Now that the holidays are over, I'm trying to get back to more sensible eating too! I'm just going to toss the rest of the cookies etc. I think. I think......ha!

patchworkpenguin 01-04-20 02:45 PM

So Hubby was laid off yesterday. We knew it was a possibility so we were prepared and aren't in panic mode. Hubby is trying to make an 'action plan' to get everything done about continuing the hunt for a job, getting us on insurance {we have until the end of the month} and fulfilling the requirements for his severance and bonus. In the 3 times he's been laid off this is the first time he's gotten severance so that's new and welcome.

Today I did Gymra's 45min Intense cardio with Natalie. Pretty good but I had to modify almost every move, but it had a pretty outdoor setting with a lot of sunshine. :sun: Our weather pattern has turned into 2 nicer days followed by 4 days of rain. yuck

I'm trying to get back to some sort of routine, which is strange because of Hubby being home all the time. We keep thinking every day is Saturday {well, today actually is, but its confusing} I'm still hoping that we can get a lot of stuff done that we've 'never had time for' including hitting a few parks in the area to clear out or heads and get our minds off the job situation.

nora 01-05-20 02:52 PM

PP - sorry to hear about hubby being laid off. Maybe in the end it will lead to something better. I hope so.

Yesterday: Step Boss imax. I like this one. Of course, I will never click my heels together while my hands are on the step, nor will I do her Burpee blast. other than those two things though.....good.

Today: three miles with Leslie

patchworkpenguin 01-06-20 05:59 PM

Nora, thank you for your good wishes for hubby and I.

Today I did a workout by Cindy Whitmarsh. I had read that she had workouts on YT but this {and most of the others } seem to be old Exercise TV workouts that I have tried and not liked. This one had us following a pattern of exercise with a few variation until the last few minutes when she went to a HIIT type format. I would have appreciated the entire workout being HIIT rather than the pattern.

The first thing Hubby had to do this morning was replace the faucet and pipe in the bathroom sink that was leaking water all over the floor. Not a happy start to any Monday but another expense that we didn't need when we are trying to economize. :(

summer breeze 01-07-20 10:24 AM

Hi all !!

Yesterday we woke up to a little coating of snow. It melted by the afternoon but I just felt like it was too damp and gray out to walk, and I was worn out from my weekend at work, so I did a couple of short segments from Exhale on Demand, core resistance and upper barre sculpt with weights. I am really going to try and get out and walk today even though it still feels cold to me but it's going to hit 40 so I can do this.
I've been off my game the last couple of weeks with the holiday busyness and gloomy weather but I need to get back on track this week. I haven't gotten much use from the Exhale on Demand trial so far so I'll try to do a few more of those this week. I find the workouts pretty similar to what is on the dvds so it won't be worth it for me to pay $20 a month for the streaming especially since I probably won't use it more than a few times a month. I do too many different types of workouts to stick with one streaming service.

PENGUIN, sorry about hubby's layoff. I'm glad he got severance and has some time to find insurance and a new job. Best of luck to you. Nice job with getting some YT workouts in.

NORA, nice consistency with your workouts. We still have some cookies and candy around too, I think it's time for them to go.

Waves to all. Have a great day everyone!!

patchworkpenguin 01-07-20 04:30 PM

Today I started with a HIIT/Strength workout from Fit Force FX. I've tried a few of her workouts but won't be doing any more, these aren't the type of workouts I like. While she used weights in a lot of the exercises they weren't the traditional weight exercises I prefer and the few she did were too fast and few reps to do much good. I cut that one short and added a 1M Walk At Home Party led by Nick, Camilla, Nadyia and another woman, which I really enjoyed.

SB, Sorry to hear you are back to the gloomy weather. I agree about wanting more variety than one streaming service can provide.

Hubby is at a job fair, I'm hoping his prolonged absence means its going well. My mom had a routine eye appointment today, but now has a appointment with my retina specialist regarding a possible hole in her retina. The appointment isn't until next week but I know we are all worried. I offered to go with her as payback for all the times she had to go with me and sit in the waiting room for hours. :p It might be fun to go when I'm not the patient and might reassure Mom.

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