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Diana3271 12-31-19 10:14 PM

January 2020 ~ Walk On & On ~ New Check-In Buddies Are Always Welcome!
What started as a Leslie walk challenge has morphed into a wide variety of workouts and lots of support and encouragement! Join us, if you're looking for a friendly check-in, that's not limited to one type of exercise!

Diana3271 01-01-20 08:41 AM

Good Morning, Everyone! Happy New Year!

This year I am hoping to find ways to get in more movement on my hectic days. It can be done, I just need to figure it out and do it.

Today will be busy for me. We are starting to take down the Christmas decorations at church today. I am hoping to get a walk in as well as all the movement I will get with the church project.

Last night: Basic stretches
This morning: Oxycise

Have a Blessed day!

seabliss 01-01-20 12:10 PM

Happy New Year!! May this year be peaceful and yet challenging in good, fulfilling ways, and may it be blessed with love and quality time with friends and/or family for all of us! May each of us also be an encouragement and friend to those around us.

This month I'm going to do the Blogilates 2020 Challenge, which is not big but just fun. Every day, we'll do 20 reps of an ab exercise and 20 of some other exercise. So it's an add-on to my normal workouts. It will be fun, though! Looking forward to eating cleaner and dropping the holiday bloat/feeling better.

I should be back later to check in!


monterey vidiot 01-01-20 03:12 PM

Happy New Year, everybody!

I'm so grateful for NYE contradances. I haven't missed one since 2011 (unless I go on a ski trip as I did last year). NYE 2010 was the last time I stayed home alone feeling sorry for myself.

That was my cardio yesterday, 8 to 11. I didn't make it to midnight, but I had a great time.

I got into a barre3 class off the waitlist, and went. It was easier than the Pure Barre warmup. It was a nice limbering stretch session but that's what I wanted today. Lynn, it was the same format as the barre3 class I took last April in Portland.

Cheryl, I hope your DH is either feeling better or is going to see a Dr.

Diana, thanks for starting our year!

Going to take a nap now.

luvcritters 01-01-20 04:26 PM

Happy New Year! I've been fighting a sore throat for a few days but it finally won along with the sniffles and watery eyes. In my case it could be allergies. I can never tell.

I did squats and lunges followed by footwork and legs in straps on the reformer. Then I did more for my calves. I got bored later so I worked shoulders and arms. I didn't use a video today because I didn't want someone telling me what to do. I'm only working my show muscles until after I see the man this weekend. In his case, they're all show muscles.:love:

Diana3271 01-01-20 06:00 PM

Hi Everyone!

My DH has been dealing with allergies, itchy eyes, etc.

I got a workout in!

Check-In: JS Tred and Shred w/5's and I met my step goal even before my workout while working at the church today

Have a Blessed evening!

luvcritters 01-01-20 06:13 PM

Diana - I'm not allergic to anything. I react to a changing barometer. I should pay more attention to the weatherman but I can predict rain or snow better than he can. It's going to rain tomorrow evening so I'll feel better once it starts. And worse when it stops. Allergy meds help some but aren't working as well as they used to. I changed meds this week but feels like I should change back to what I was taking.

Diana3271 01-01-20 09:11 PM

Linda I hope you feel better soon. {{hugs}}

Diana3271 01-02-20 08:12 AM

Good Morning, Everyone!

Back to work today.

Last night: Basic stretches
This morning: Oxycise

Have a Blessed day!

monterey vidiot 01-02-20 01:12 PM

I took a selfie in my hotel after the NYE dance.

Still recovering from the dance. I did Barre3 Studio Shape DVD. I'm not sure I ever did it before /c it's an hour. I may do parts of it in the future, it's well-chaptered. Better workout than yesterday's studio. I had to laugh at the UB weight work chapter: it was good, but only arms; Pure Barre warmup does the same moves plus back & chest.

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