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Helen 12-30-19 07:19 PM

Every Day in January 2020 - newbies welcome - join us for the month/year/decade!

We are a small group who aim to do some form of physical activity every day, whatever that means for YOU (but don't kid yourself about it either)

Daily posts - not manditory, nor even "sternly preferred" - but we love it if you do.
Weekly posts, drive-by notes, daily essays all about you.... any of those are perfectly fine - no pressure, EXCEPT to diligently try to add serious movement to your day - every day.

WERD = Well Earned Rest Day, but even rest days can include movement ;)
TERD = Totally Expected Rest Day, though not especially well-earned, like a planned happy event :D
TURD = Totally Unexpected Rest Day, hopefully also a happy event :love:
HERD = of TURDS - usually declared after the THIRD TURD in a row. ;) Try to avoid these at all costs, as they can move in & get comfortable, getting OUT of your comfort zone is the way to make change happen
If a HERD moves in, we bring out the whip to move it along.
If you're checkin-hunting because you're all motivated for a new year (hey! a new DECADE!), then being expected to do something EVERY DAY may be the consistency push you need.

** WINTER TIP: Movement keeps you warm without burning fossil fuels. **
** SUMMER TIP: Just the slightest breeze on sweaty skin feels wonderfully cool.**


Helen 01-01-20 07:32 AM

1/366 (it's a leap year)

Well, it's 11:20pm of the 1st, so day 1 is done.
dog walk, with Mechamix Aliasing 30min
Les Mills - Body Pump 59 48min, with buddy

Hope everyone has a fabulous start to their year.

LiliMagill 01-01-20 08:27 AM

Thanks for starting our New Year, Helen!
Congrats to Helen & Mena for doing EVERY day in December! I think I will aim for that this month.

No workout, yet, but I did just post to December's.

KayB 01-01-20 04:17 PM

Monday, I carried stacked firewood. It will be good for your knee dh said. The knee pain made me quit then I had to go in & ice my knee & my boobs. Ouch!

Dog walks & out my sewing room back together.

Today has been monitoring Ursella. She's drinking, not eating & looking puny. As long as she keeps drinking I'll keep watching her. Emergency vet is 90 minutes away. I'll have her at her vet when they open at 7 tomorrow.

LiliMagill 01-01-20 07:00 PM

Welcome back, Kay! I hope it's nothing serious with Ursula. Don't overdo it!

Today - I did 3 Strong Miles with Leslie followed by Margaret Richard's Unplugged, S20:E1. I haven't done anything by her in ages.

My goal is to do longer, if not tougher workouts this year. I have been giving myself a pass way too often.

Cleda 01-01-20 07:40 PM

Happy New Year All!
I still have to go back and finish reporting for December. (I did every day except the 2 days without power). :)

Goals for this month:
  • Every Day in January
  • Walk 1 mile (can be on the treadmill, elliptical, outside or bellicon) EVERY DAY . - possibly some running in there, but minimum ONE mile
  • Continue with meditation sessions (Kinda of like them and will try to stay awake for them)
  • Read a book, possibly 2 (again, need to see if I can stay awake for this!!!)
  • Listen to some motivational podcasts

So today's workout:

1/1/2020: Peloton 20 minute treadmill run/walk with Matt. I did my mile (and then some) requirement. Followed up with Emma's Coldplay Ride (on the bike) 30 minutes . I absolutely LOVE :love::love:that ride.

Kay: I hope Ur perks up some. I can relate to all of it.

Helen: Thanks for getting us started

Lili: Consistency is key (more so than intensity - although it's good to have a little bit of intensity each week.) :) Maybe a long session, a tough session and 2 others to your liking and then whatever you want?

Waves to Mena and anyone else reading.
Must go do the budget.

Happy New Year!!!
here's to the ROARING 20s.
A new decade.
Yeah baby! Bring it ....

Helen 01-01-20 11:45 PM

Welcome home! What's up with Ur? :( What did the vet say?

Hope Bridget & I can get up to Delaware on our trip (see below).
I like Cleda's suggestion about stepping up the workouts - a nice balance between needs / wants.

That sounds more like you. :)
Who'd have thought you'd take to meditation?!?!
What motivational podcasts do you have lined up? I'm tiring of the pods I listen to, so much so that spent 3 hrs at work today (tossing stuff) and didn't put one on the whole time.

You're not here yet, but I'm CERTAIN you'll be back. :D

Oh Goals!
Lili isn't on FB so won't have seen it....

I'm planning a trip to the USA!! Specifically to meet as many imaginary friends as I can - just DD (Bridget) and me - DH will mind Alice. At the moment, thinking around Easter in 2021, so quite a while off yet. PM if you'd be willing to have us visit for a few hours (do a workout / go for a walk) so I can sort my route.

So... goal for 2020 - earn a fitness-based trip, by getting back to previous fitness levels!

That will happen if:
1) not only do workouts with buddy = 3x/week, but EVERY DAY (now that I know it CAN be done)
2) adjust diet accordingly, so I'm not carrying around a body-bag weighing too many kg!!

mena 01-02-20 09:44 AM

Wed 1/1 - Shiva Rea - Yoga Trance Dance (Energizing Flow premix)

Thu 1/2 - The Firm Parts - Lower Body Sculpting

I noticed that the strap on my ankle weights is ripping in the middle. I know it must be because I've abused the straps by being rough when taking them off. I've had them for 20 years if a day. I was thinking that maybe I could go to Joann or Michaels and buy some heavy duty Velcro and maybe the tailor at the cleaners could attach a new one? Does that sound feasible? I really love these ankle weights--they have little weights you can put in or out to adjust the weight. I feel like only you guys would be able to understand an attachment to exercise equipment :p.

Thanks for starting us off, Helen. You outdid yourself with the pics. I especially love the cat trying to catch snowflakes and the electrified 2020 sign.

Kay - Sending healing vibes to Ursella. I hope she will be o.k.

Lili - You're not the only one who knows they need to do longer workouts. I need to work on this too.

Cleda - Those are excellent goals for January. Good luck.

Helen - Planning a US trip--how exciting!! Lots of great cities to visit here especially New York (of course, I'm biased about that :p).

Waves to Pam.

Let's all have a great 2020 filled with lots of exercise and good health :D:D.

Helen 01-02-20 04:42 PM


Thu., 2-Jan Franny - Two Workouts with a Vengeance - Hilo Mix 51min
also spent 3 hrs at work tossing papers, shifting texts, & shoving furniture around.

LiliMagill 01-02-20 07:11 PM

Today was 2 Mile Miracle Walk with Leslie followed by Unplugged S20:E2. I have some sore muscles from yesterday's session with Margaret!

I tried to sign up for 6 months of streaming on Margaret's site, but the discount code wouldn't work. :eek: I tried every version of it that I could, but nothing. On top of that, they want to charge a $9.60 service fee! It's a streaming service, I don't get it. I tried to e-mail them, but I had an error message come back. I have enough Unplugged DVDs to last me, but the streaming includes the original music. Oh well, I thought her prices were high and obviously there are problems with her website.
I did sign up for a free week of Leslie's streaming and will probably continue with that, as it is very reasonable.


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