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gerrie 07-23-13 02:16 PM

Dream Body Cardio Series is here
My new Dream Body set is here in Florida. I ordered June 13th. I never received a shipping notice but my set is here anyways.

kristieb726 07-23-13 02:18 PM

I was just going to post that mine just arrived with today's post! I'm opening the box as I type...yipee!!!

Kris :love:

momofcha 07-23-13 02:27 PM

OMG - I need reviews!!! I'm dying I ordered from Mary....

kristieb726 07-23-13 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by shammy902 (Post 2263317)
OMG - I need reviews!!! I'm dying I ordered from Mary....

I'm trying to decide which one to preview They have them numbered on the side, so I suppose I should start with disc

Disc 1 - M.I.L.F (55 Minutes) - Started previewing this one and yes they are chaptered!! I'm previewing the music option and the music is generally the same as the other Dreambody DVD's, but as there is a music free option don't let lackluster music be a deterrent. The first 30 minutes are cardio and the last 25 to 30 minutes are toning. She jumps right into the workout so it's a fairly active warm up if you want to call it that but if you like more time to warm up then you'll need to do that prior to starting the workout. The pace is faster in certain areas but it's not frenetic and feels more manageable. There are plyo moves throughout the workout but there is a modifier for all the moves and it's certainly doable or you could use a rebounder as an option to do full plyo with no impact. In the cardio portion there are about 12 different exercises that are treated as a circuit and that circuit is repeated 3 times. The exercises are either do in intervals of a minute or additional bursts of 15 seconds. In the toning portion for some exercises you can use a wall, stacked risers or as a modification keep your feet on the floor. The bridge section in the toning portion looks evil :eek:. Donkey kicks and leg lifts with the band look brutal but the pace isn't an overly fast pace. The floor circuit in the toning section looks to have 9 or 10 exercises and they are repeated twice. Most of the moves are done in 1 minute intervals. The toning section finishes with an ab circuit and then a cool down.

Disc 2 - Intense (60 Minutes) - Comprised of "6" 10 Minute HIIT blocks. You can rest in between each block but they pretty much move right into the next 10 minute block. The 2nd 10 minute block has an intense arm section but you're also in a shallow squat position with a ball squeezed between your thighs. This entire section is done with your back against a wall or in their case a ballet barre. This workout is chaptered but I don't think it works as well in this format because the chapters don't take you to the beginning of the next 10 minute block or at least it doesn't appear that way to me but you can chapter backward and forward to certain points which is better than the previous DB's. The 5th 10 minute block uses only paper plates and the pace for some of the moves is quite fast. Different variations on planks, mountain climbers, pikes, etc. In the last block you use your band but there's a lot of tricep work in this block and a small ab section but there are lots of planks in this disc so your abs aren't lacking. If I have 1 criticism it's that that Sadie can go into hyper drive when she's talking but it's not the entire length of the workout and the modifier sometimes forgets that she's supposed to be modifying and will do the advanced version.

Disc 3 - Bikini Bootcamp (60 Minutes) - This workout is chaptered and the pace is very similar to Tonique. I think the Bikini Bootcamps are the slowest in terms of pace in either of the DB series and I like her instruction style. The first 25 minutes of the workout utilizes a band with the exercises in the first section and you could potentially end the workout here if you wanted a short workout, you would just need to add a cool down. The next section is more traditional kickboxing moves with a 1 or 2lb weight and feels similar to Bikini Bootcamp in the previous series and you really work. While this has more kicks and punches it still has a definite cardio element so you're not missing anything if you just use this section as a stand alone workout. This section is roughly 20 minutes before going into an Ab section at the end of the workout prior to a quick 5 to 6 minute cool down.

Disc 4 - Fusion 50 (50 Minutes) - Appears to be broken up into a couple of sections. The 1st section is the cardio sequence and this is about 30 minutes and there is a 10 minute toning section for the glutes. The pace is again similar to Tonique in this DVD but she's doing a couple of moves that I know I have no intention of ever There's a fair amount of jumping on this one but of course you don't have to jump. There are burpees (1 arm I might add) but there aren't a ton of them. For those who dislike burpees then it's easy to substitute something else. This workout uses 1 or 2lb weights, paper plates for gliding moves and a band & ball for some combination moves in the glute section . The modifier in this workout moves more slowly than the other two and it can be distracting at times but I figure that she looks like me when I do these workouts, so it's I actually like the glute section of the workout more than the cardio in the DVD but she does a twisting pretzel move that has the rear leg up and squeezing a ball. Unlike a tradition pretzel that has the rear leg lifting or pushing back the rear leg comes forward as you twist toward the rear for about 30 seconds and then you go into tiny pulses rear in a more traditional pretzel (I know this sounds strange but it's slightly difficult to completely describe There is a 5 or 6 minute section that's just for abs using the playground ball that's ends the workout before the cool down.

Disc 5 - BATA Barre (55 Minutes) - Two 30 minute workouts. The first 30 minute section is cardio and the 2nd section is a 30 minute ballet barre workout that does utilize a chair. In the first section there are some twisty moves that if you're doing this on carpet you'll need to be careful because I can see how you could twist your knee if you're not paying attention. The cardio section is broken up into small tabata circuits that it appears are repeated 3 times and are somewhere between 20 to 15 seconds in length for the exercises. The ballet barre portion uses a chair as I mentioned previously, a paper plate, 1 to 2lb weights and a ball. She fries the inner thighs in the first part of this section. You work 1 side to failure and then repeat on the other side. There are some moves in this section that remind me of Booty Barre but I definitely like this workout best of the two for this DVD. There are lots of pulsing moves and lifts in this section that have you squeezing your ball the entire time. What's different is that you're doing some arm movement that with the weight while you're lifting/pulsing and squeezing the ball with your leg. There is about 10 minutes of floor work that start out with fire hydrants with that blasted ball behind your knee. The advanced is in plank position for this and on your knees as a modification. The pace in both workouts is very doable so no hyper speed in either workout (that is my opinion of course). There is a 5 to 6 minute cool down to stretch out after the workout. This cool down is only after the ballet workout, so if you just do the cardio portion then you'll need to skip to this section or just do your own cool down.

Equipment on all of them the suggested weight is either 1 or 2lbs, stretch band (they reference green or yellow but that will vary by band maker), paper plates, a stretch loop and a purple ball (I take this to mean a small play ground ball). Okay I'm off to watch something, still deciding which!

Update: As you can see I decided to preview them in order and you'll find my thoughts on each one of the workouts above!

Kris :love:

kristieb726 07-23-13 07:46 PM

Okay, so I've previewed the entire series and I think I'm going to like this better than the previous series. There are no premixes and while you can break up the workouts into 25 to 30 minute sections they aren't specifically noted in the DVD that way (i.e. workout 1 and workout 2). It's easy enough to skip around now that they're chaptered but if you're looking for Cathe or Kelly type separation here then you're not going to be happy. If you like the DB workouts then you will be happy with this and I think for those who like Tonique, you would find this a nice alternative. The thing that's jumping out at me right now is that these currently have less of a dread factor for me, simply because I have options to shorten them. While I didn't think the previous series was super fast on all the DVD's, these are practically a snails pace compared to them, so for those that are concerned about a warp speed pace I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. As usual they pack a lot of exercises in the time that they give you but you're constantly moving with no breaks so hopefully they won't feel as long while you're doing them. The music free option is just that and it's just that particular instructor talking, so you can crank up your music as loud as you like to drown out the talking if it bothers you. I found in this series there's less talking with some of the instructors but they generally talk quite a bit. I actually don't mind the chatter but i know there are some of you that don't care for that at all. I'm calling this a winner for me but of course you're free to form your own opinions :p. I'm sure I'll think of something else later on but it's time to find myself some dinner!!!

Enjoy ladies!

Kris :love:

momofcha 07-23-13 07:59 PM

You are a doll for posting this!!! Thank you!

What are their rotation suggestions???

kitty12 07-23-13 08:06 PM

Thank you so much for the details!

lilmonkey2 07-23-13 08:07 PM

This sounds good--thanks for the descriptions. I may order this eventually, especially since they can be shortened easily.

kristieb726 07-23-13 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by shammy902 (Post 2263472)
You are a doll for posting this!!! Thank you!

What are their rotation suggestions???

You're quite welcome! Unless they have something on their website there wasn't anything additional with the set. I know that a there have been some on the board who have contacted them on their Facebook page, so maybe someone could ask!


Kris :love:

lila_says 07-23-13 08:57 PM

Slightly OT, does anyone know why Mary still hasn't gotten these? TIA!

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