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Aurora C. 07-15-13 11:26 AM

Anything like original Dream Body but shorter?
I'm just finding too much of a dread factor with a workout this long, I've become accustomed to doing about 30 minutes AM & PM workouts because I can manage that, but even 40 minutes would be acceptable...more than that I find hard to fit in my schedule. I'm interested in the slimming/leaning effects Dream Body seems to have on arms, abs & legs, but if I can't get myself to do it I'm not going to get those results. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Gale K. 07-15-13 11:39 AM

I've only tried Dreambody once, and it was too long and too hard for me. I've been working in a lot of Blogilates lately, and it seems to be somewhat similar. They are pilates "fusion" workouts, tough but short, can be mixed and matched, and they are free:D. There are some cheesy pop-ups and sometimes a lot of body part and girl talk, but I am able to tune most of it out. I particularly like her "On Fire" series.

ETA: Looks like my link didn't work...

edensmom 07-15-13 11:49 AM

Great suggestion Gale. Cassey does a lot of plank type work in her upper body and abs vids. Also check out her Pilates Bootcamp on Livestrong Woman.

Aurora C. 07-15-13 11:53 AM

Thanks I'll check them out! DB was hard, but I usually like a challenge I can grow into, but the length of it & the instructor's nonstop talking were really the deal breakers for me. Maybe I'll try again in winter when I don't feel like leaving the house, but in summer I just can't spend that much time working out to a DVD!

edensmom 07-15-13 11:57 AM

Cassey talks a lot too...often it is non-workout related though. Her speech patterns aren't super-fast like Darby.

Aurora C. 07-15-13 12:10 PM

Yeah, on first impression she's pretty annoying too. Seems like she's trying to hard to act like a teenager - someone should tell her that teenagers are annoying.

Aurora C. 07-15-13 12:15 PM

...Or maybe I'm just grumpy today >;-)

edensmom 07-15-13 12:22 PM

In pilates bootcamp she is more business-like.

Gale K. 07-15-13 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by Aurora C. (Post 2259257)
Yeah, on first impression she's pretty annoying too. Seems like she's trying to hard to act like a teenager - someone should tell her that teenagers are annoying.

Yeah, I know what you mean. It seems like she targets the very young crowd--I'm 54 this month lol, but I like the workouts so I keep going back.

Aurora C. 07-15-13 01:13 PM

Happy Birthday!!!

I feel like even teenagers don't like that stereotypical teenager bit - I know I never did insulted my intelligence to watch shows like Blossom that were popular at the time.

Anyway, I enjoyed the Heart on Fire cardio (though too short to really consider a workout for me), but I couldn't get through the Abs on Fire because she did too many exercises that tighten & stress my psoas (I had to give up on P57 for the same reason), & Arms on Fire was not my cup of tea either - I was hoping for something more TA like as my arms are already too muscular/bulky so I'm trying to let them atrophy a bit. I'm afraid to try legs & butt as I don't want my butt any smaller - trying to put a little bulk in my backside & hips. And my quads are already overdeveloped, I just want to slim & strengthen my inner thighs. I'll keep looking around her site to see what might fit, but hopefully some other suggestions will come down the pike too.

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