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Demeris 04-12-20 08:49 AM

Cellerciser and Urban Rebounder
Has anyone on here owned both who can do a side by side comparison of advantages/disadvantages?

I've looked online, but any comparison I've found is fraught with seller's bias. Thx

Vintage VFer 04-12-20 10:48 AM

I don't know about the Cellerciser.

The older Urban Rebounder I had was VERY squeaky.

yogapam 04-12-20 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by Vintage VFer (Post 2868967)
I don't know about the Cellerciser.

The older Urban Rebounder I had was VERY squeaky.

Same here, I started with a UR, very noisy. I donít have any experience with a Cellerciser. I also had a small JumpSport for a while and now have a Bellicon. The bungees are so much quieter as well as being a softer bounce. I tried a few rebounding workouts on my UR and it was hard to hear them over the squeaking. But maybe the Cellerciser is quieter?

unfetteredpast 04-12-20 01:04 PM

As a cellist, I had to look this up. It has nothing to do with stringed instruments.

KarenH 04-12-20 01:11 PM

I had both of them and there is no comparison. The cellerciser is much better quality and the springs are tapered and have lasted over 10 years so far. The urban gave out after a couple of years. The Urban is a jolting bounce vs a more even bounce on the cellerciser. The half fold is slightly firmer than the tri fold which is a slightly softer bounce. Our local rehab center has the tri fold for patients to use. It has a permatron mat that still loos new after 10 years of daily use. Cellerciser sends 2 extra springs with the order and I never have had to replace any of the original springs. Much more even bounce with it. My joints started hurting from the urban but am fine with the cellerciser. It still is noisy but the quality of the bounce is so much better.

Demeris 04-12-20 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by unfetteredpast (Post 2869006)
As a cellist, I had to look this up. It has nothing to do with stringed instruments.


Thank you, everyone, for your feedback.

Karen, especially your feedback. I have an UR, and I've had it for fifteen years. It's very loud. My dog leaves the house when I climb up on it. My research turned up reasons to prefer a spring rebounder to a bungee rebounder, and I've been wondering if it's time to replace my useful and still in great shape UR. I might use the stimulus check to get a Cellerciser.

Harivelo 04-13-20 07:24 AM

I have an UR that I barely used because it's really hard on my knees.

Exercise Diva 04-13-20 01:34 PM

I've owned both and agree that the Urban Rebounder is a significantly lesser quality rebounder than the Cellerciser, however, I found that even the Cellerciser makes a lot of noise and was hard on my hips. I eventually sold it and bought a Bellicon and have never looked back. But, if I had to choose between the UR and the Cellerciser, I'd go with the Cellerciser in a heartbeat.

horsemom2 04-13-20 04:54 PM

Only reason I got an Urban Rebounder is that it was free with a coupon during a Kohl's clearance.
It was not worth the effort to get it home.

I have a more expensive spring rebounder rusting away on my patio which was sold by FitPrime in a nice package several years ago.
Not crazy about my first tiny JumpSport either.
A larger Bungee is the only way to bounce for me.

Barb S

bzar 04-13-20 07:45 PM

i used to own a generic metal spring rebounder for maybe 15 years. i considered getting a new jumpsport from Costco, but just never pulled the trigger.

by chance, a good used Jumpsport with removable handlebar appeared on Craigslist. it's the large model - 44" i think. it's so quiet and bouncy. my DS17 loves it - he helped me pick it up. he was the first one to say "it's so quiet!"

anything with metal springs will make noise and will eventually stiffen up, possibly causing more stress on the joints.

the price you pay for a new cellerciser looks to be about what you would pay for a jumpsport or bellicon.

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