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alisoncooks 03-31-20 06:26 PM

April workout challenge - join me!
March has been...something. With the barrage of scary news reports, plus the current isolation, it's not a surprise I feel sluggish and don't want to exercise. If I can find the motivation, I know I'll benefit from it (physically and emotionally).

Anyone want to join an "Every day in April" workout challenge? I know there are threads in the check-in forum similar to this...but I rarely pop over there. Let your workouts be whatever you want. I think I'll do a combo of yoga and Pahla B. I need something that makes my heart happy.

How about it? Who's in? If so, make a post to list all your workouts (but conversation posts are great, too!)

alisoncooks 03-31-20 06:27 PM

April workouts:
1. Jane Adams GY/Floor Practice (34) + 1 mi walk outside
2. Standing Practice from JA's GY (20) + upper body from Balance & Strength (12)
3. RehabZone 1.1 (20) + Deep Stretch Yin Yoga legs/hips (20)
4. Pahla B. on YouTube (20) + Jane Adams Evening Practice (25)
5. 1 mi. outdoor walk (hope to do yoga before bed)
6. Whoops! Nothing today.
7. Gentle Yoga Core Strength & Flexibility (30)
8. RehabZone 1.2 (20 min) + doyogawithme Hips/Hamstrings/lower back (30)
9. Pahla B's new standing abs circuit (20 min)
10. 20 min Pahla B. + 15 min stretch Yoga Upload
14. 30 min - 3 Wk Yoga Retreat, 12 min Jane Adams
15. AM Stretch - Madeline Lewis (30 min), 50 banded side steps
16. RehabZone 1.2
17. Doyogawithme Hip Opening
19. Outdoor walk
20. Nada
21. WU from 30 Days to Flat Abs, 1/2 Jessica Smith core control
22. Jane Adams 12 min Upper Body, 1/2 of Mountain Warrior (365)
23. Pahla B Day 1 + Jessica Smith stretch
24. Pahla B day 2 + SaraBethYoga stretch
25. Pahla B day 3 + Jessica Smith 30 min stretch
26. Pahla B day 4 + Mimi Solaire's Deep Stretch Yin Yoga - legs
27. PB Day 5 + Suzanne Bowen WW Active Stretch, 1 mile walk outdoors
28. Jane Adams - floor practice + morning energy
29. Pahla B day 6, Winsor B&T

tangerine 03-31-20 06:31 PM

I'm in! I have been more consistent with my workouts lately, would love to keep going.

What about rest days - are those allowed?

alisoncooks 03-31-20 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by tangerine (Post 2866942)
I'm in! I have been more consistent with my workouts lately, would love to keep going.

What about rest days - are those allowed?

I'm planning on every day because I'll be doing fairly gentle workouts.

Mickey12 03-31-20 07:42 PM

I'm in!! :D I think rest days should be allowed, especially if you're doing really intense workouts. Just having somewhere to post is good motivation.


tangerine 03-31-20 08:39 PM


Originally Posted by alisoncooks (Post 2866948)
I'm planning on every day because I'll be doing fairly gentle workouts.

Okay no worries, I will join the April Challenge in the check-ins, I need the breaks.

alisoncooks 03-31-20 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by tangerine (Post 2866980)
Okay no worries, I will join the April Challenge in the check-ins, I need the breaks.

No, not at all what I was communicating. Sorry.
I just meant, I'm not really making any rules. *I'm* doing every day...but you do you! :o

I started the thread wanting a communal, wow-these-are-crazy-times-let's-do-this-thing-with-encouragement-and-stuff. Rest days are fine with me!

Mickey12 04-01-20 05:36 AM

April workouts

1. Leslie Walk it off in 30 Days during my lunch break and Cathe Cardio and Weights after dinner. Good stuff!
2. Walk outside with my husband, beautiful sunshine, but pretty windy
3. Cathe Step Heat, oldie but a goodie
5. Michelene Berry yin, 62 minutes of bliss!
6. Cathe Lite Strong Body Stacked Upper Body - 35 minutes, moderate work, then walk outside with my husband
7. Cathe Rhythmic Step, fun, fun, fun!!
8. Ruthless 20 minute workout during lunch. Quick and dirty! And Jenny Ford March Across America, Utah, group class and gorgeous mountains behind her.
9. Michelle Dozios More Cardio Interval Burn, so much fun but so tough!
11. Walk with husband in the sun, great to get outside!
12. Cathe Cardio Slam timesaver premix and walk outside
13. Cathe To the Max, really good stuff, lots of variety, fun,fun,fun
14. Faithful strength workout at lunch break then walk outside with my husband
15. Quick Fix Kickbox workout with Janis Saffel at lunch break and walk with my husband after work, taking advantage of the nice weather
16. Cathe Low Max timesaver premix, from Sash series, an oldie but a goodie! Then Wai Lana toning yoga after dinner, easy gentle work with amazing scenery
17. Leslie 3 mile slim and sleek walk from Walk at Home set
18. Michelle Dozois Cardio Interval Burn Remix, tough and so fun!
19. Walk with my husband in the sunshine, it was quite glorious
20. Michelle Dozios Cardio Interval Burn Fat Blaster, so so so fun!
21. Quick Fix Hit the Spot - got this at Mary's sale, really fun, short workout that combines some bodyweight work and mixed impact cardio. Then after dinner, Rainbeau Mars power yoga
22. Ilaria Body Strikes, workout 2, lots of repetition but surprisingly not boring
23. Cathe Afterburn from Low Impact Series - I found this brutally hard, not my favorite
24. Cathe, Party Rockin' Step - premix that combines both workouts, fun and not too hard
26. Cathe Athletic Training from Low Impact Series - lots of variety, liked the leg segment at the end
27. George Foreman walk at lunch and Cathe Hardstrikes after work
28. Cathe Supercuts timesaver premix at lunch, walk with husband after work because the sun is shining!
29. Ruthless 20 minute steady state cardio during lunch break and Cathe Tabatacise after dinner. WOW!
30. Ruthless 20 minute mixed impact cardio during lunch break

bethellen 04-01-20 08:55 AM


April Workouts:

1. Firm Ultimate Calorie Blaster with Stephanie
2. Firm Basics Abs Buns & Thighs with Stacie
3. Firm Abs workout 1 with Nancy
4. Leslie Tone Every Zone
5. Leslie AHA 3 Mile walk
6. Leslie 5 Mega Miles
7. Leslie Walk away your Hips & Thighs
8. Leslie Walk & Kick
9. Leslie Walk off More Weight
10. Leslie Walk Slim 3 Fast Miles & Leslie Weight Loss Boot Camp
11. Leslie WATP Express 4 Mile Super Challenge
12. Leslie AHA 2 mile walk & Leslie AHA 1 mile walk & Leslie 1 Mile Booster
13. Leslie The Big Burn
14. Leslie Walk Slim 4 Fast Miles
15. Leslie Walk & Jog
16. Firm Maximum Body Shaping with Tracie
17. Firm Maximum Cardio Burn with Allie
18. Firm Calorie Killer 2 with Dale
19. Firm Fat Burning Sculpting ball with Tina
20. Firm Tight Buns & Killer Legs with Kelsie
21. Leslie Radio Remixes
22. Leslie Walk Diet
23. Firm Express Cycle 2 C+S & Firm Express Cycle 2 Sculpt with Rebekah
24. Firm Fat Blasting Cardio with Lisa
25. Firm Aerobic Body Shaping with Allie
26. Leslie Walk 15 - 3 miles
27. Firm Super Cardio with Allie, Carissa, Dale, & Jen
28. Firm Bootcamp with Allie, Dale, and Tracie
29. Leslie WATP for Abs 1 mile

alisoncooks 04-01-20 09:26 AM

Yay! I think I'm going to aim for yoga every day. (Plus, I just bought that pricey yoga board, so DH has to see it was worth the money!!):D :D

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