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rhbrand 03-20-18 01:20 PM

UG! Tapatalk is a crappy site. Why did it have to be Tapatalk.

It was a disaster when Tapatalk took over, forced boards to make the move, most without notice. One board lost about 75% of the members and most never came back. That board is basically dead now.

Another, it says you have new posts but you can't see them unless you do a funky thing adding extra work to see the posts. So of course members are leaving that board too.

I might have been happier about this had it been any other site other than Tapatalk. Its not well run, and the help section is full of complaints of how bad the site overall is.

sherry7899 03-20-18 01:48 PM

I am worried about viruses and would prefer it to stay on Facebook.

Patti S. 03-20-18 01:50 PM

Well, I don't have FB so I signed up, lol. Under PattiS because I don't get to use a space!

Thanks Sherri!

Pam61 03-20-18 01:59 PM

I would prefer VF Roost remain at Facebook.

I remember the yaya's site, but there were many and viruses to name a few. If tapatalk has these (as well as other issues) I'm not interested in joining.

frogribbit 03-20-18 02:27 PM

I would prefer Facebook too just because I had so much trouble with the YaYa site (Yuku) that I finally just quit trying to access it.

jusca 03-20-18 02:41 PM

I wouldn't use the Tapatalk forum much, if at all. I have.a FB account just to access groups. I don't like FB for personal usage. I only like FB for groups since it centralizes one login to access many groups. I have enough separate websites to check daiily, I won't add another to the list.

I also dislike the Tapatalk app layout & functionality so my opinion of a forum on their platform is already low.

Pratima 03-20-18 03:07 PM

Yeah, I'm with the "I'm already on FB so keep it there" group. I realize not everyone wants to be but you could also have someone from here post on FB for you if you want.

yogapam 03-20-18 03:10 PM

Sounds like the majority want FB, so not worth it?

sbh 03-20-18 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by yogapam (Post 2765228)
Sounds like the majority want FB, so not worth it?

I think for those of us who don't like FB, we can still use Tapatalk VF Roost. I am leaning towards deleting FB from my life. So those who want to go to Tapatalk can and those who want to stay at FB can.

BTW, yogapam, I made you a moderator. I hope you stay.

Jennifer P. 03-20-18 03:36 PM

I don't do facebook, so I like the idea of tapatalk. I have submitted my registration & it's pending approval. Same username as VF. Thanks! The store I work for is going out of business, so I would like to sell some stuff.

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