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zoegirl 03-20-18 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by toaster (Post 2765184)
For me, I would almost never use it if it weren't on FB (not that I'm using a lot now!). But I can understand the desire to open it up to additional people.

Same for me.

Tiny 03-20-18 12:35 PM

I don't have FB so I was never able to join VF Roost. If you are able to do it this way that would be amazing.

I signed up just in case with my user name plus my initials Tiny-mbp.

sbh 03-20-18 12:38 PM

I have added 16 members o far....woo hoo!

Yogapam - I have added you as a moderator.

bzar 03-20-18 12:39 PM

will it have unwanted ads on it? that was a problem for me under yuku.

sbh 03-20-18 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by bzar (Post 2765195)
will it have unwanted ads on it? that was a problem for me under yuku.

I have not seen any ads.

monterey vidiot 03-20-18 12:45 PM

The yayas forum always had a virus problem. I guess I'm in the minority on this -- I would prefer to have it remain on Facebook. Why inconvenience the current members?

janice 03-20-18 12:46 PM

Hi Sherri

My VF name is not available so had to use JaeKM.


Juliepie 03-20-18 12:57 PM

I just signed membership is currently pending. :)

TinaT 03-20-18 01:01 PM

I for one, don't mind it. I'm considering taking a very long break from FB, once my daughter's wedding is done. (this saturday). I don't use it for much of anything other that VF Roost and Cupboard and a few close friends.

So I'm good either way. I was a part of the Yaya groups years ago, so I'm probably a bit nostalgic about reviving a newer version of it.

ETA: Wherever it ends up, I'll be there. So my vote is neutral.

Joni O 03-20-18 01:05 PM

I like seeing VF Roost posts pop up on FB with the rest of my notifications; whereas, I’d need to make an effort to check another location if it’s moved. That said, you’re sure to get much more activity by allowing non-FB VFers access that you’d lose by me not using it. :D

Having someone create a FB account (and using it just for VF Roost) is probably comparable to having we FB people look in a different location for it. I’m not discounting people’s aversion to having a FB account, but creating one, making it totally private and using it just for VF Roost is a really simple thing to do.

And after that long diatribe, I rarely use VF Roost so I probably shouldn’t have even commented.

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