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suzanne63 07-21-19 08:39 AM

Kelly Coffey-Meyers.What are her best workouts?
Hi I just bought Kelly Coffey Meyers Build and Burn and her Sculpting RX workout.I want to get many more of her workouts in time.I really like her.What are your favorite and best workouts by her.

IceQueen07 07-21-19 08:51 AM

Honestly I like all of her 30 minute workouts. I really enjoy split session and TLC. Lately I have been doing a lot of her kickboxing and weight ones.

Gams 07-21-19 09:22 AM

I like Start Here, Your Best Body and Body Shop - others, too, but those are 3 of my favorites.

Gams 07-21-19 10:58 AM

I like Plateau Buster, too.

Dorothy J 07-21-19 11:02 AM

My faves are TLC (Train Like a Contender), Stepboxing 1 (yellow cover), Strength & Stamina, Circuit Burn, Cardio Pump & Cardio Blast.

Can you tell I'm a KCM fan? :) I have 23 (soon to be 25, with the release of her newest dvds soon) of her dvds and subscribe to her RAW streaming channel.

Garrie A. 07-21-19 11:03 AM

You'll eventually be hoarding KCM workouts, since I recommend a lot of them. ;)

My top 5 are:
Split Sessions
Cardio Pump
Your Best Body

I also love Step Boxing (the original with the red cover), New You Coming, Cardio Kick Step Boxing, and Strength & Stamina.

prettyinpink 07-21-19 11:53 AM

I have not liked some of hers that I have tried, but the ones I do really like are
the first 30MTF stepboxing and TLC. They are really fun.
I also liked Athletic Conditioning 1, which I rarely see mentioned, as a fun cardio with more traditional calisthenics, and Kickboxing.

alisoncooks 07-21-19 12:36 PM

I just went on a KCM bender, lol. I recently bought:
Muscle Definition
Sculpting Rx
Your Best Body
Muscle Up
Cardio Pump

LOL. Obviously I'm focusing on her strength-based workouts.

MathTeacher 07-21-19 12:54 PM

My favorites are

Home Gym Intervals (uses treadmill, bike, etc)
Muscle Up Lift 2B Fit (no cardio)

CharM 07-21-19 01:56 PM

My favorites keep changing, but my latest favorites were:

Body Shop
Strength and Stamina
Cardio Pump
Total Body Kickbox

I've put away my KCM because I was doing them too often and didn't want to burn out.

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