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4leftlimbs 07-15-13 07:53 PM

Cleaning neoprene dumbbells
Hi! I've been lurking here for a long time and am delurking to ask a kind of anal, silly question that I'm hoping you well-informed VFers can answer. I purchased a pair of neoprene D-shaped hand weights and am not sure how to properly clean them. With my cast iron dumbbells, I just use a general purpose cleanser. Given the tacky (and, correct me if I'm wrong, somewhat delicate? - at least compared to cast iron) material, I'm thinking there might be a more particular method to cleaning neoprene. There are so many websites (mainly those selling dumbbells) that say they "are easy to clean," but yet do not provide instructions on how to clean them.

Can anyone enlighten me on the proper (if there is one) way of cleaning neoprene dumbbells? Thanks!

PrairieGem 07-15-13 08:06 PM

Welcome!! I'm a newbie, too. :)

I vacuum mine, when/if they get a little dog-hairy. Otherwise I've never had to do anything to them, and some of them are almost 20 years old. If I were DH, though, and they ended up covered in salt water after a workout :p, I'd give 'em a rinse under the sink.

4leftlimbs 07-15-13 08:11 PM

Wow, vacuum them? I would've never think to do that! When I started reading your reply, I was thinking, "Is she playing a joke on this newbie??" :eek:

ETA: PrairieGem, I just realized that I might of come of as dismissive of your reply. I did not mean to be. I hope you did not take it this way. I have no hairy creatures running about, so vacuuming probably wouldn't be necessary for me. I was thinking that maybe rinsing them under water, with a little soap, might do the trick. I wasn't sure if the soaking would damage the neoprene, but you've answered that question for me!

PrairieGem 07-16-13 12:24 AM

Oh, gosh, no worries! Mine sit next to our dog's crate (which I also--no joke--use as a barre), and she's a furry (big!) one, so they do get quite a lot of fluff on 'em from time to time, but otherwise not really dirty.

I don't think water should damage neoprene; don't they make wetsuits out of it?

Laura S. 07-16-13 07:42 AM

We had a major mold problem a couple of years ago and everything had to be cleaned, so I soaked my dumbbells, including the neoprene ones, in a solution of water and vinegar. I doubt you need the vinegar, but just wanted you to know the water didn't hurt them at all. If they had just been dirty, I would have used some kind of cleaner - maybe dish soap?

Hopefully, this won't be your last post! Good luck solving this problem.

seww 07-16-13 08:10 AM

I cut the neoprene off of mine. I didn't like the idea of them getting stinky from sweat.

Nuggie's Auntie 07-16-13 08:22 AM

Wow... I've had my dumbbells for over 20 years and I don't think I've ever cleaned them... :o

Jane P. 07-16-13 10:38 AM

A pair of mine are a light yellow and have black scuff marks on them. I haven't been able to get those off using soap and water, and I haven't dared to try anything else. To those who are going to buy new ones, get the dark colored ones if you can.

4leftlimbs 07-16-13 01:08 PM

Hey, thanks for all your replies! I usually clean my dumbbells after sweat-heavy workouts. I just don't like the idea of sweat accumulating and accumulating... I don't like the idea of grabbing dumbbells that I KNOW have residual sweat from my last workout! I'm a bit OCD.

PraireGem - Good to know I didn't offend you! I did read something online about neoprene wetsuits, but wasn't sure if there are different kinds of neoprene...seems odd that wetsuits, which would require flexibility, would have the same kind of material as dumbbells...though I realize the neoprene on dumbbells have a soft texture to them.

Laura - Thanks! I've actually been lurking on this site longer than my sign-up date would indicate. I had planned to post something back then, but, for whatever reason I can't recall right now, I changed my mind. I hope to be a little more active on this board. I've learned a lot from you all!

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