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Maryan, Paris 01-04-15 10:48 AM

OT- Veteran VFers, where are you?
I discovered VF in the late 90's and spent many wonderful years getting fitter, gaining knowledge and wisdom about health/exercise/body/mind... and last but not least, getting to know a wonderful bunch of women, and even getting to meet some of you in person, despite living in Paris, France :)

I am still in touch with a few 'veteran' VFers, but now that I am back, I wonder what happened to the rest of you? I remember Rainee, Joan Boadway,KayB, Fitnik, Kathy, a VFEr who taught French in university, etc. etc.

Also many VFers with whom I traded : i still find messages from you in the VHS videos we traded (just found one by KirstyScooby :)

Where are you all?!? Please come and say hello :)

MariC 01-04-15 12:11 PM

Hi Maryan,

I often wonder the same thing myself. I miss some of my old VF friends and wonder how they are doing.


Kathy G 01-04-15 01:28 PM

I still see many veteran posters as well new people who join. Nice mix! :)

Maryan, Paris 01-04-15 01:33 PM

MariC, thanks for your post: so I am not the only one who would like to know how the VF 'old-timers' are doing, whether they still post here or not :)

Hopefully, some of us have stayed in touch off-line and can share news about other VFers?

Barb L 01-04-15 02:42 PM

Hi, Maryan. I am certainly vintage VF. I've been away for a while due to major life changes, including NO home workout space. Now I'm back in a house, and gearing up to become my old VF self. I want those guns back, even if I am eight years older!

Collage Video is probably having a party to welcome me back:love:

Best wishes.

Maryan, Paris 01-04-15 02:46 PM

Heyyyy BarbL, congratulations on your new DH and your new home :):):)!

And don't worry about getting older, after all I am older too and here I am, back to being a student again (major career change).

So glad to hear from you!!! Great minds, I just responded to your post on the vintage dust bunnies thread: looking forward to reading your posts.

Jennifer R 01-04-15 04:12 PM

I'm still here too, although I don't post as prolifically as I used to. Hi Barb! Still being consistent with working out although I don't step as much as I used to. Loving my rebounder!

Maryan, Paris 01-04-15 04:15 PM

Jennifer, it's great that you've kept the same avatar, the bellydancing palm tree :)

Susan G. 01-04-15 04:21 PM

Hi Maryan. I qualify as an old-timer. I turned 50, then 60 while on this board. Hope all is well.

Jennifer R 01-04-15 05:44 PM

That's funny, Susan. I was already over 40 when I found VF, and I've also turned 50, then 60, then some here!

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