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Cher 08-22-21 05:52 AM

Total Max Mixers - Week of August 22
Yesterday I tried the new Cathe Boss Bands Total Body. I liked it which leads me to believe it may not be hard enough for some of the die hard Cathe fans. I used the same color band as Cathe for most exercises except towards the end - I only used 1 band (blue) not 2 for biceps and no band for first set of push-ups and did chest presses and chest flys instead of the 2nd and 3rd set of push-ups. Also skipped the core work at the end.

JBliff - Let me know your thoughts after you try this one.

Karen - Hope your enjoying your time with your family.

JBliff 08-22-21 06:35 AM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was a 50-minute walk with DH in the morning and Boss Bands Total Body in the afternoon.

Cher - I did the same workout as you! I really liked it. I did the whole thing and used the same bands as Cathe for all the exercises. The biceps were tough with 2 bands! My left wrist still isn't 100% and wasn't too happy with the pressure so I kept my hands and legs closer together to make it easier. I really like the new bands. They are nice and soft. I do agree that the workout isn't killer and I already saw some complaints on GD about it being too easy. I kind of wish she had snuck in an extended stretch though.

Karjoy - I hope you are enjoying your visit. I was reading about North Carolina being a bit drenched by the various tropical storms, so I hope the area you're visiting is OK.

Have a good day, all.

karjoy 08-22-21 09:22 AM

Hi guys. Got up and ran 5 miles in my old neighborhood where I used to run like 40 years ago!! Gosh it is all built up now. Had a wonderful visit with my Mom and sister and nephew yesterday. I hope to get to visit with my brother as well today.
It is a hair cooler but not much.

Jbliff they had some rain earlier in the week but no flooding.

Thanks for the review of the new Cathes. I have stopped worrying about whether her workouts are hard or easy because they are always high quality and I always get something out of them.

Waves to all.

Cher 08-23-21 05:38 AM

No official workout yesterday but I did go for about a 30 minute bike ride. It was too hot & humid to go for any longer.

JBliff - I agree, a longer stretch on Boss Bands Total Body would have been nice. Iím think of trying the lower body workout today.

Karen - That is cool you can still go run in your old neighborhood. :sun: I get over to the neighborhood where I grew up occasionally and it is way different but itís also gotten so rundown and dumpy. It makes me sad. :( (My parents moved when my sister was a senior in high school because the neighborhood was starting to go down hill. I still lived with them and was upset we were moving but now Iím so glad they donít live there anymore).

JBliff 08-23-21 07:59 AM

My workout yesterday was Cardio Kickbox Challenge with Tracey Staehle. It's been years since I did this one and it was fun. I thought Tracey didn't do a great job of cueing and some of the camera angles were strange, but Josef was good. I finished up with Precision Pilates Flow & Flexibility segment, another old workout on my shelves.

Karjoy - How fun to revisit the old neighborhood. Glad your visit has been good. Good point on the quality of Cathe workouts.

- Too bad your old neighborhood isn't what it used to be. I might try the new lower body workout today too.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

Vantreesta 08-23-21 02:19 PM

Second virtual Getting Buff 5k is in the books! It also happened to be the second most miserable run of the summer, I think! So hot. Weather 81/86, hum 73%, wind 8 (supposedly), partly cloudy. 4 min wu walk then 3:1 intervals to start but last mile had a lot of extra walking. At 3 mi I just gave up and walked the last bit. Left calf cramped on first run interval so at the next walk break I paused Garmin and stretched both calves on the curb. Paid close attention to it the rest of the run so I didn't aggravate it. I know I should have done the warmup I've been doing but I needed to get done ASAP and it was already so hot I just had to go do it. I had at least been walking around at the grocery store and didn't just jump off the couch and run!

Garmin stats: 3.1 mi in 34:49, avg pace 11:14, best pace 8:10. Not my worst 5k ever but definitely not my best either. Glad I got it done! It felt like a zombie mission in the truest sense: just survive!! :D

karjoy 08-23-21 08:21 PM

Vannie absolutely great job on your 5K! Seriously that was an excellent time for as hot and humid as it was. Heat can sap even the strongest runner. A lot of the Olympic marathoners dropped out in their race due to heat. I am happy to hear from you.

Went to Burn Boot Camp tonight. Full Body Strength. This was a great workout. Lots of compound exercises. Push-ups on the Bosu, wall sits with biceps curls, frog leg sit-ups while holding a weight and pressing it overhead, and my favorite, doing bear crawls while dragging 2 kettlebells behind you. The KB handles were tied together at their handles with these giant, super strong loops and you have the band around your hips. This looked hilarious.

Jbliff I remember a couple kickbox workouts with Tracy Staehle. I wonder what happened to her. I liked her stuff quite a bit.

Cher my old neighborhood has gone down some but mainly it is overbuilt.
It sounds like your parents were forward thinking and moved you guys out before the neighborhood started deteriorating.

Waves to Gibbee.

JBliff 08-24-21 07:50 AM

My workout yesterday was 60 minutes on the elliptical. I decided not to do the new Cathe Legs & Glutes workout since there seemed to be a number of moves where you put pressure on your wrist and I wanted to rest my wrist some more.

Karjoy - That bear crawl exercise sounds tough! I looked Tracey up and it seems that she is mostly teaching barre and pilates now.

Vannie - Great job with the 5K. I know I can't run or even walk for long in that kind of heat and humidity.

Hi to Cher and Gibbee. Have a good day, everyone.

Cher 08-25-21 05:47 AM

Workout Monday was Cathe’s Boss Loops Glutes & Abs (skipped the abs). This workout was okay. I liked the Total Body one better. I think this one I like better as parts to add-on to another workout depending on what I want to accomplish that day. Yesterday was Perfect 30 Pump Upper Body.

JBliff - I have a couple Tracey Staehle DVDs that I have forgotten about and haven’t done in ages. I do remember her cueing not being the best though.

Vannie - Nice job on your 5k. I can’t imagine doing a 5k with that kind of heat and humidity.

Karen - Bear Crawls with 2 Kettlebells! :eek: Nice job!

JBliff 08-25-21 06:49 AM

My workout yesterday was Boss Loops Glutes & Core + 20 minutes on the elliptical. I liked this workout too, even the floor work which I generally avoid like the plague. I could have gone for more resistance on some of the floor exercises so will try that next time. My legs are slightly sore today, which is a good sign. I'm glad I bought the Cathe bands. They are so soft and really stay put. The core work was pretty good and short.

Cher - I think it's been at least 5 years since I did that Tracey Staehle workout! I think the Glutes & Core workout definitely would work as an add on.

Hi to everyone. Have a good day.

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