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JBliff 03-07-21 08:28 AM

Total Max Mixers - Week of March 7
Good morning everyone. I've been up since 4:20 a.m. so I figured I might as well start a new thread for the week.

My workout yesterday was ICE RESE w/blizzard blast + a walk in town with DH.

Waves to everyone. Have a good day.

karjoy 03-07-21 10:27 AM

Morning all. Sorry about your early awakening Jbliff.

Can anyone think of a Cathe add on segment super short premix format legs? Like 10-15 minutes? With this marathon training I have managed to keep up with some upper body with band work but I need to do some short leg workouts. Thanks!

Cher 03-08-21 06:59 AM

Workout Saturday was Jessica’s new Lift & Shift Fine Toning. This you did barefoot, used light weights and only 30 minutes. It was sort of like a fusion type workout maybe???? Some balance, push-ups with core stuff, clam shells. Lots of muscles I normally don’t use and some exercises were really hard for me. :o She crammed a lot into the 30 minutes. Afterwards, I did the first mile of Leslie’s 5 Mega Miles. Nothing yesterday. Pretty much a slug all day except for making dinner.

Vannie - ((Hugs)) Sorry spring time is so hard for you. I’m sure the one you anniversary of of MIL and you mom’s passing does not help.

JBliff - I’ve been awake since 3:30 this morning. Ugh. I hope you were too tired all day yesterday.

Karen - Do you want standing leg work or floor? When I want a quick leg workout, I will do the leg work from Cathe’s Push Pull. There isn’t a premix for just one set the way the workout is anyway so I usually just put it in and do the warm-up right into the leg work (this standing leg work is pretty short), then if I want floor work, I either just skip to it or go back to the menu and pick it. The purple floor exercises play one after the other so it works well. If you want floor, PLB Stability Ball section is good and pretty quick....I think it’s around 15 minutes. I will pop in if I think of an actual premix that is short and let you know. I’m sure there are some out there.

JBliff 03-08-21 08:57 AM

My workout yesterday was LITE Pyramid upper body, going heavier on all the exercises + 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Karjoy - Xtrain Legs standing or Lean Legs & Abs + Great Glutes have individual segments that are less than 20 minutes (barre, standing or ball & chair). I think the original PLB standing portion would come in at less than 20 minutes if you just do the first 3 sets. The entire STS Total Body leg portion is about 22 minutes but you could only do one set of each exercise instead of two and get it down to maybe 15 minutes.

Cher - I was pretty sleepy most of the day but managed to clean the house, do laundry and work out so it wasn't too bad.

We are about to have some spectacular weather starting tomorrow--70s and sunny. DH is going stir crazy so I think we will take a drive somewhere tomorrow.

Waves too all. Have a good day.

karjoy 03-08-21 06:13 PM

Hi all. Thanks for the suggestions for short rounds of leg work. I really appreciate it. I had forgotten all about PushPull but I remember that the leg work was short but thorough. And the PLB ball work is fantastic.

Vannie thinking of you at this time.

Jbliff we have had beautiful days lately, just like you said, blue skies and in the 70s with low humidity. And blessedly coldish nights like last night with the temp at 32 but warming up quickly. Great for am runs.

Gibbee how are you and DD?

We ran 20 miles Saturday and got rained on at first but we dried out. Took yesterday and today off because of that extra long run.

Night all.

Vantreesta 03-08-21 06:48 PM

Fighting a migraine all day. No workouts, just calm quiet stuff like laundry, dishes & baking cookies. Hope to be back at it tmrw.

Thanks for the kind thoughts. I don't know why spring is this way for me. I mean this year and last year obviously have reasons but before that I don't know. Around March and July are just harder. July is likely the heat. Anyway, one day at a time.

Saturday I did the next day of Qi Gong, Caroline's HHT exercises, wk4 day2 of the 10k trainer, a segment from Pick Your Spot Pilates and Yoga for Runners post-run practice. I think that's all. I had planned to do the next day of the Crossrope challenge but I just felt tired. Yesterday I was a slug like Cheryl except I didn't even fix supper, I ran to DQ for snickerdoodle blizzards! :o I am curious if the sugar and lactose overload may have contributed to the migraine but really don't know. It's not like I don't have sugar binges even though they're less often than before.

Karen, I am just in awe of your marathon training. I feel like training for a 10k takes a lot of time and energy, can't imagine a marathon!

Cheryl, glad the new Jessica set seems to be motivating you. I don't feel like I'm getting enough strength work with the short kettlebell workouts, especially since I can't go as heavy as possible due to my hamstrings. I do feel like the Caroline workouts are helping but tendons are slow to heal.

JBliff and Cheryl, sorry about the early wake times. I would probably sleep half the day away if I woke that early! Thanks for the short leg suggestions too. When I weigh I like seeing the weight go down but it also tells me my muscle and bone mass and I don't like seeing those go down!

Cher 03-09-21 08:25 AM

Workout yesterday was JS L&S Total Body Definition Supersets. This one has 4 total sections.....Lower Body, chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, and Abs. Each section has Supersets of a couple exercises done back to back, then repeated again? I did both sets of all the exercises except only one set of the abs at the end. I liked this one. I found the lower body section was pretty tough doing the second set. So far, I really like these workouts. They move pretty slow and controlled and are not easy but easy to grow with as you get stronger.

JBliff - Great job getting so much done on such little sleep. :) I took an Advil PM last night since I’ve been sleeping so bad the last few nights. I slept ALMOST 7 hours with minimal walking last night. I got a sleep score of 90 on my Fitbit app! First time ever for that high!

Karen - I can’t imagine walking 20 miles let alone running! :D :p We are supposed to maybe hit 60 today! Way above average here but no complaints from me!

Vannie - I hope your feeling much better today. I’m just the opposite of you with feeling blah. I just love Spring when it starts getting warm and really get the blahs in January when it’s cold and no sun. Sounds like you needed a DQ run on Sunday! Ours just opened so I will need to make a DQ run soon also! :p

Waves Gibbee!

Gibbee 03-09-21 01:40 PM

Hi, all!

DD gets married March 21! So I have been busy, busy, busy.

Vannie: I find the candle brings me some comfort. I had thought I would have to replace it by now with snow and shoveling, but I managed to keep it in tact. They are very respectful at the cemetery and the candle is heavy enough to not blow away. I've replaced the white rose I have lying by it once. I thought I was going to have to replace it because of the two weeks of ice and snow. it was trapped in the ice and then disappeared after the second time they cleaned the walkway.

Well, Sunday I took a 1.25 mile walk at the cemetery and decided to top off the walk with one trip around the mausoleum. Lo and behold I saw the rose lying in the grass near the furthest bench. I've been there every day (sometimes morning, sometimes night) and have looked in that area and it wasn't there. So I picked it up and put it on the dash of his truck. I may keep the candle and flower together for now and put them back out after DD's wedding.

I think your ideas of honoring your loved ones are wonderful, too. We need to bring peace and comfort to ourselves.

Cher: I have done only a portion of Jessica's core (ball) workout. it is tough. I need it but wow. Right now we are in the throws of wedding preparations so I can't really do too much new until the 21st is over.

Karen: We are doing OK I suppose. The wedding and recent house purchase (DD's home) has brought out emotions I thought I had already experienced. I have had more crying jags the past several days that are just flat out ugly cries than I had been having. She is pretty sensitive as well.

JBliff: I still don't sleep super well, but lately I am so tired that I force myself to lie there... at least until 4:15.

Check in:
Sunday was my 1.25 mile walk plus RAW box & squat.

Yesterday I did a short push/pull/legs circuit as I had trouble convincing myself to work out (a fairly common challenge lately).

Today was RAW Boxing & Legs 2


karjoy 03-09-21 08:38 PM

Drive by: finally got to run with some of our old group who have all been very safe. I think there were 5-6 of us. Felt like old times with a little more distance of course. 5 mile tempo run. Waves!

Cher 03-10-21 06:29 AM

Workout yesterday was Jenny Ford’s Coast to Coast Step Alta Hiit. I love Jenny’s 2 step HIIT workouts. I wish she would do more of them.

I finally was able to get Darrell a vaccine appointment for Friday. Yay!!! I’m hoping when it opens up to 50 and over March 22, I can get an appointment that easy.

Yesterday I went to my eye doctor because I haven’t been able to see as well with my contacts and it’s been about 2 years. I only wear my glasses at night and in the morning so I haven’t gotten new glasses since 2014. My prescription for my contacts and glasses is REALLY bad. My eye doctor checked my eyes and told me that I have a cataract on my right eye now and have developed a Stigmatism in my left eye. She said normally the cataract would be no big deal yet but my eyes are already so bad that it is pushing my prescription so high that it is getting harder to find contacts that come as high as I need for it and with the stigmatism on for my other eye, they don’t have a contact with stigmatism correction that comes that strong either. She suggested I go see a specialist about possibly having cataract surgery because if they do that, they will do both eyes and I will probably be able to see again without anything. It’s freaking me out a little but I made appointment with the specialist for April 15 to see what they say. Only problem with that is that I can’t wear my contacts for a week before the appointment and my glasses are horrendous! I will be stuck at home for a week because my glasses are so thick, I can’t even imagine being seen in them; not to mention, they are so old, that I don’t see great out of them so I don’t know if I could even drive with them on. Also, appointment is 2-1/2 hours and DH will have to take me and can’t come in with me because of Covid. We live 30 minutes away but I told him to just go home if he wants then come back and get me. We’ll see. I also would have liked to have him come in and listen to what the doctor tells me after the exam.

Gibbee - That is nice that you finally found the rose. I’m sure this wedding is very hard for both you and Alex in a sense right now. ((Hugs)) That is a good idea to do walk around the cemetery if you feel up to it. DH and I have done that a couple times at the cemetery where his dad is.
Jessica’s new set is tougher than I was expecting but I do like it.

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