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Cher 08-08-20 07:35 AM

Went for another hour walk yesterday after dropping my minivan off.

I spent some time yesterday looking into how much money we will get when Darrell retires. He has a pension and will get SS of we have his 401k and our savings, etc. Weíll be okay but honestly I wish he would try to stay until after the first of the year because his pension goes up more each month he is there but I just canít stand listening to his whining or him being so damn crabby about it anymore. I think we are putting the paperwork in for Sept 30 unless they offer another layoff again before then.

Vannie - Ugh what a long day for your DH. That stinks about your elliptical display. I get that. You gotta see your stats! I would feel like itís not worth my time if I canít see my stats! Lol Dang girl, what a week you had!

JBliff - Got my car back yesterday - $465 later. Calliper and hose on rear brakes and front brake pads replaced while it was in there because it needed them. Our heat & humidty is supposed to be going up today. I can deal with it though because there wonít be too many more days like that up here.

Karen - No, Iím not really ready for DH to retire. :o I like some alone time and he does nothing with anyone but me so itís been quite the adjustment with him on lay-off the past few months. Sometimes he makes me crazy being home all the time! Now this will be permanent. :eek: But, I get that he is tired of it and ready to be done. On the plus side, we can go up north more to the cabin. :D

Gibbee 08-08-20 06:36 PM

Hi,fitness friends!

Sorry to have been absent. Lately it has been busy (home and work) and I have been tired. DH is struggling. I finally asked nephrology what level of kidney disease he is at and they said 4. Not good. I also spoke with cardiology about confusion caused by blood issues (too low of sodium) that she warned me about a couple of months ago, but she said what I am describing is likely TIA strokes. :( She said to contact neuro and I said why. Last time I called the office I was on hold waiting well over an hour for someone to pick up and then got placed into voice mail after they said "we don't show you were on hold that long." Bull crap. My phone keeps time for all calls. :mad: Plus they are still not seeing patients in-clinic, but the remainder of his doctors are. (Cardiology told us back in June that neuro hasn't seen any stroke patients since mid February... I feel for those people. There's caution and then there's borderline carelessness... people still need care for critical situations.) I think this week I will start the ball rolling to get back to his original CIDP neuro here in town simply for convenience. Getting him in/out of the house has become even more unmanageable and he is so weak he can no longer really walk. He can barely transfer from the bed to the commode. He only fell one time this week, which is better than the 6x last week.

Workouts have been decent I suppose, although Tues/Wed I helped at an event we host at the University and so those two mornings and this morning were basically nothing but super short walks. My neighborhood street (cul de sac) has become my stomping ground. At least I can get some fresh air. I am going to buy some pepper spray because I am now walking in the dark some mornings and evenings. Our street is safe but we are off of a major artery in town and sometimes people wander along there. Plus the deer have been crazy with walking around right when I want to walk. One momma stomps her front foot at me. Hey, lady, I live on this street. Just pass on through! ;)

I haven't really caught up here but I think of you guys daily. I am planning to attend as much of Kelly's virtual roadtrip tomorrow on FB inside the Train Smart with Coffeyfit page. The trip will go up in her app soon. She has also started using egg weights ( and posted this week that she has several workouts with boxing and heavy weights designed and set to film. WOOT!

Better run for now. Waves!

Vantreesta 08-08-20 07:58 PM

Gibbee, I'm sorry, so much for you and DH to go through and bear. Sending you prayers for strength.

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