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JBliff 08-06-20 05:47 AM

My workout yesterday was Great Glutes + 25 minutes on the elliptical. My legs are fried today!

Cathe's pictures from her new upper body workout look great! I'm looking forward to the heavy weights.

Waves to everyone.

Cher 08-06-20 05:58 AM

Went for about an hour walk yesterday then came home and did a few stretches. Weather here was perfect yesterday too. Shut the AC off and opened the windows!

Darrell first night didnít go very well. First they put him in a different area than he normally is. Then his face is all raw from sweating and wearing a mask. He said heís done and ready to retire and get the heck out of there. Looks like we may be getting the ball rolling on this sooner than we hoped and just having to pay for Josephís healthcare until he gets his own.

JBliff - I need to go check out those pictures!

karjoy 08-06-20 07:46 PM

Hi guys. Thank goodness it is Thursday. Iím ready for the weekend.

Heat index was about 102 so I walked, jogged some, and did 4 (400 meter or about 1/4 mile) intervals as fast as I comfortably could in the heat. It actually felt good.

Jbliff I thought those heavy weights looked great too! Something to look forward to.

Cher send me some of that cool air! Poor Darrell. DH and I have both worked nights and it is very hard to go back to that weird schedule if you have been off a while.

Waves to all, Kareng

Cher 08-07-20 05:40 AM

Workout yesterday was Erin OíBrien Strong Body, Ageless Body. I think I had only done this once before. It was a good pick for me right now. Got in a nice workout.

Karen - Ugh, that is HOT! We are heating & steaming back up tomorrow. I think we are going to submit the paperwork for Darrell to retire Sept. 30 (unless things get better there).

Ugh, I have to drop my minivan off at the repair shop this morning. Had the rear bearings and rear brakes fixed about a month ago and I came home from a trip to the library (which is just up in town) and when I got out of my car I smelled something that smelled like burning. I got DH outside and my my rear tire was really hot. :eek: Going to have DS follow me up at 7 am to drop it off so DH can sleep. (He only went to bed at 5 am)

Vantreesta 08-07-20 02:37 PM

Cheryl, I hope everything falls into place for Darrell to retire. I wish hubby was retirement age. His job seems to be slowly killing him. It has been about 8:00 by the time he got home the last two nights and he starts at 6 AM. It's no wonder he dozes in his chair most of the time on wknds.

Gibbee, thinking of you and DH.

Karen, I don't know how you ran in that heat! I only managed to run 5 times in July btwn the heat and being gone for a week.

JBliff, I have wanted to jump on the elliptical several times but I can't get the display to work and of course if I don't have stats it didn't happen! :p It's hardly been used but the batteries don't seem to be working. I emailed customer service to find out the cost of a power adapter but that was I think Monday and haven't heard a thing from them except for we got your email. Grr.

It's just been that kind of week. Thankfully nothing bad or important, just those irritating things that pile up. The display on my Fitbit died so I'm trying to decide btwn Charge 3 and 4. My computer would not cooperate on Wednesday and I had to miss grief support group bc couldn't get anything to come up. Yesterday I tossed a dumbbell along the floor and smashed my finger with it, pulling the nail away some from the skin. Tuesday and today I have had almost zero energy, not sure why on Tuesday but last night I was up till 1 bc I wasn't tired so I get why I am today. At least it's just little things, I can roll with this.

I ran Mon and Wed, did the DYY yoga challenge every day, yesterday did PowerFit and Core Fusion, oh and an episode of Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr. I worked some in the spare room yesterday, cleaned bathrooms Monday, dusting today. What I would love is to do is a nice slow flowy yoga practice then curl up with Cyric and my crochet. And a chai tea. Maybe I can make those things happen this wknd.

JBliff 08-07-20 07:49 PM

My workout yesterday was 1 hour on the elliptical and stretching on my own.

Karjoy - Bummer about the heat. We've actually cooled off some here this week --in the 80s rather than 90s.

Cher - Too bad the conditions are so rough for Darrell to continue working. I hope you get your car fixed quickly.

- Sometime those companies aren't very good at customer service! I hope you get your elliptical fixed and that you get to relax this weekend.

- I hope all is well with you.

Have a good day, all.

Vantreesta 08-07-20 07:52 PM

Karen, you asked about using MyFitnessPal. I have never tried that one. Like 15 years ago when I had no weight to lose I used a website called FitDay. It took forever to enter all my food for the day. After I gained weight and tried tracking on paper in order to lose it just made me obsess about food even more till it was about all I thought about. I have been considering trying it again but I don't want to spend a ton of time on it so I don't know.

The crab apples were probably 1/4 to 1/3 the size of regular apples. Cheryl was right about tedious!

karjoy 08-07-20 08:27 PM

Hi guys. Iím always pretty tired on Friday so I try to do something on the easy side. Tonight I did biceps, shoulders, lats and posterior delts with Cathe band. I did some squats and one legged squats and called it a day.

Vannie I have a friend who is a certified wellness coach and she always recommends My Fitness Pal. I have never used it but apparently it is easy to use
and you can easily look up calories, fat, protein and carbs in food. Also, my friend said they have every practically every restaurant meal you can think of to check nutrients when you eat out. Gosh I hope you get your elliptical fixed.

Cher sorry about your car. Good to know that Darrell may just have to hang on a few months if he is ready to retire. Are you ready for his retirement?

Jbliff hopefully it remains a bit cooler for you this weekend. Ibb BBC think itís wonderful that you get good use from your elliptical.

Thinking of you Gibbee, Kareng

Vantreesta 08-07-20 09:04 PM

Thanks for the info on MFP, Karen. I may try it.

Fortunately the elliptical itself still works, just the display doesn't. I imagine it just needs new batteries, but it doesn't seem like they should be dead yet. Honestly I don't think I've even used it 20 times and this is the second set of batteries. I know I should just use it and not care about a blank display.

JBliff 08-08-20 06:35 AM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was a brisk 90-minute walk on our river trail with DH (he was really motoring!) in the morning and LITE Stacked Upper Body + abs in the afternoon. Even though we walked before 8 a.m., the humidity was so bad I was soaked by the time we got home.

Waves to everyone. Have a good day.

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