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sherry7899 08-29-17 07:14 AM

OT (hope this is okay) Hurricane Harvey
I hope this is okay to post-please let me know if it is not, and I will delete the thread.

A friend of mine from high school lost her son a year ago today. They started an organization called "Be Like Andrew" because her son had such a giving spirit and always did random acts of kindness for others.

They also have a facebook page, but I can't seem to post a link while I'm logged out.

pharma-gal-if you happen to see this, the family lives in your town, but they are from Hillsborough, where I grew up.

Another high school friend set up a list of places to donate in Andrew's memory. The list and description are below. It is from the Facebook page "be like Andrew"

We are organizing relief for TX in Andrew's name and spirit. We are asking everyone to please donate to a charity (I have listed a bunch below) in the spirit of being like andrew. You can comment on this post to let us know you have done so (you don't have to post an amount). And it doesn't have to be to one of these groups if another one speaks to you more. But in this time where our country is divided we can all do something to help others #belikeandrew.

Houston SPCA taking care of the animals

Houston Diaper Bank-taking care of the littlest ones

Portlight helping those with disabilties

Coalition of Homeless-helping people find shelter]

Houston Food Bank-food is going to be an issue for quite a while to come

Thank you !

Terry 08-29-17 07:55 AM

Great post.

sherry7899 08-29-17 07:58 AM

Terry! Are you and your family okay?

I was hoping to see glavtx check in-she is in Galveston.


macska 08-29-17 08:14 AM

Awesome! I just donated to the animal rescue site. Thank you for the post. :)

suegy3 08-29-17 08:25 AM

Great post! Praying things get better in Texas.

gjv 08-29-17 08:51 AM

Thanks for posting this!

kathym 08-29-17 08:56 AM

Thanks for posting this.
I was just looking through and other sites to find something on the ground in Houston. The food bank seemed a good option.

Terry 08-29-17 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by sherry7899 (Post 2730081)
Terry! Are you and your family okay?

I was hoping to see glavtx check in-she is in Galveston.


My oldest step-son, his wife, and the two grandkids are trapped in Houston. We asked them to evacuate on Thursday but they refused. Now they are on the second floor of their house and getting low on water and food.

My stepsons' mom and stepdad are trapped in the Houston area but OK. I haven't been to their place since they moved from the Dallas area so I have forgotten what city they are in.

My son's uncle (ex brother-in-law) is trapped in Pearland but still OK.

Several Univ. Texas colleagues are trapped in Houston but their facilities (UT Health Science Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center) are operating so they have work to do.

Colleagues in Galveston (UT Medical Branch) are very much OK as Galveston appears to be not-so-badly hit by Harvey. I heard on the radio that they are able to fly out of Galveston so are using that to move people to Dallas area shelters. A lot of wet people spent the night at Love Field about 10 minutes from where I sit and are being moved to Dallas shelters this morning. Per the radio, kids will be put into schools here today or tomorrow - - - though I don't know how they are going to make that work with clothing and shower issues.

Colleagues in Port Aransas evacuated before Harvey made landfall but the town is demolished. The UT Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas has been destroyed but I haven't heard about their large off-shore boat (The Longhorn) or their small near-shore trauler (The Katy). Per text messages, the employees themselves don't know about their boats.

The destruction of Port Aransas is a loss to my Biologist heart - - - but that is just stuff.

Two college kids of friends are holed up in upper floors in a Univ. Houston dorm and have plenty of food and water.

My niece is organizing 17 Dallas boaters and Jet Skiers to head down for high water rescues. Many are already on the road and will reach the edge of the water 4 to 5 hours after leaving Dallas unless traffic gets wild. The best boats for this are those air boats like they use in Florida swamps, but there aren't many of those.

I heard on the radio that boats from out of state have started showing up. The people in charge at the site said, "Show up with your boat and we'll put you in the water."

Doctors and nurses from my UT facility are working in the Dallas shelters.

My outdoor boot camp is filling a trailer with supplies. The trailer will head down on Thursday with Ellis County Police Officers and City of Dallas Police Officers who do this boot camp.

My outdoor boot camp is raising money for the 15,000 campers in the Houston Area.

A woman in my boot camp who is a Care Flight nurse was not at camp Friday. She was busy moving babies from the hurricane zone to a hospital up here in Fort Worth, then she did high water rescues from the helicopter all weekend and made it to camp Monday morning - - right after they returned from the flood zone.

Fingers crossed that Louisiana stays OK.

Salamander 08-29-17 10:32 AM

I donated to the Houston SPCA. Thank you for posting Sherry! So sorry to hear about Andrew. Glad that they are helping others like Andrew did. :heart:

Dorothy J 08-29-17 12:44 PM

Thanks for posting this, Sherry! This is such a great list of resources to know where to help.

Terry, thanks for sharing your update on conditions in Texas.

Adding: I donated to the Houston Food Bank and the Houston SPCA.

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