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Usia 12-02-20 09:22 AM

Pilates Cross-Trainers DECEMBER 2020
Good morning!

Ellen's Burn & Firm Pilates - 45min.
JS 10 Minute Power Walk off her Quick 10 Min Walks DVD.

I really wanted to do one of Fabulous 50s youtube workouts but I just wasn't in a mood for an ad popping in in the middle of the workout. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't but I didn't feel like an interruption in the middle of the workout.

Donna, don't know the nature of your negotiations regarding a purchase of the horse for your daughter, but go with your gut feeling. You'll be better off in the long run.

Gotta run to the office this morning. Wishing everyone a good day!

fanofladyvols 12-02-20 11:25 AM

Dana thanks for starting us off. I'm eyeing an Ellen myself instead of my proposed workout. I remember enjoying that Crunch workout....nice choice!

Carol your post in JTW made me laugh. I had to force myself to do something formal. I'm tired or something. So I totally understand. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss!!

Donna I really feel you and your daughter should pray about this purchase together. That's a big responsibility and commitment and you need to feel totally at peace with such a huge decision. I hope you get that way or the other.

Waves to Brenda, Cheri, and Christine!

Usia 12-02-20 06:10 PM

Why am I looking at subscription to Barre3? I subscribed few years ago and while I liked it OK, I didn't renew for some reason. I know I can't do any moves standing on my toes (Morton's Neuroma in right foot) but I wonder if I can still benefit if I do all the same moves with both feet flat on the floor? I'm currently down to only 1 paid subscription (DoYouYoga) and I'm thinking of trying Jessica Valant Pilates for a few months next year.

I like the large range of motion moves that Barre3 uses. What to do......any advice?

txhsmom 12-02-20 09:27 PM

Back on track. Today's workouts were

Suzanne Bowen Fitness: Upper Body & Core Circuit - 31 minutes;
Pilates Nest - Empower & Thrive - 12 minutes

I've done Suzanne's workout before - in fact, it was structured very similarly to a lower body workout I did last week. This upper body one was a little more challenging for me today than last week's workout was. I can tell it's been a long time since I have pushed myself with Suzanne's workouts. And back to Pilates Nest - it's a good fit for me, not too hard or boring, with a monthly calendar of short workouts.

Dana - I would say Barre3 is more athletic and less barre than most other barre workouts. That could translate into less time on the toes. And they do encourage modifications - that's a real positive thing about Barre3. The last time I did their streaming it seemed like they had moved away from their earlier workouts - ones like the DVDs - and had moved to more cardio like barre, at least that's how the 30 minute workouts were. Some people welcomed that change, but I didn't like it as much as their earlier stuff. Lots of sumo squats in the new stuff.

Linda - I like all of Ellen's Crunch workouts. Thanks for the Congrats - for what's it worth, my scale says my body fat % has dropped like 7 or 8 percent, so I'm definitely less fluffy than I used to be. Not sure if the scale measurement is right, but I'll take it.

I'm really tired too. Our teachers are tired - we've got staff out with CoVid and are having a hard time finding subs - it's the pits. Then we have folks making stupid Thanksgiving choices and finding themselves quarantined - and we have to find subs for them - irritating. We've just got to hang on a few more months people!

Donna - Sorry the horse negotiations are not going well! I know you will hate for your daughter to be disappointed if it doesn't work out.

Well, the dryer repair guy is coming in the morning for the third time. I think he's going to tell me that the dryer really isn't fixable. Sigh.


Usia 12-02-20 09:48 PM

Carol, thank you about info on recent Barre3 workouts. Athletic works for me! I can feel myself caving. I want something different. Didn't you have some other issues with your dryer recently? Ugh, I hate when repairs are looming and to call someone is always so expensive. Good luck with it!

Donna, I hope things work out for you with horse negotiations.

Hi Linda!

Cheers to all!

txhsmom 12-03-20 06:35 AM

This appears to be the third time we've had the same problem with the dryer, all in about a 6 week time frame. We attributed it to a burned out fuse, and then to a clogged up vent causing the fuse to burn out, but this time I think it's really a deeper issue. The fuse has been replaced twice; the chimney sweeps cleaned the vent. It's probably been that underlying issue all along. We'll see.


donnamp 12-03-20 10:35 AM

Hi Everyone,

I got off to a late start today and then had to jump into a meeting for work. Ugh.

Yesterday I went out for a short walk and it definitely helped to get some perspective and sunshine. I even solved a work problem while walking! I plan to get out again today - even if it is chilly it is good to see some sunshine particularly with working from home and not getting out much at all.

On the horse front - well, it is what it is. What makes it difficult is my daughter is very attached to him, having been leasing him for 4 years. It would be a lot easier to walk away if he wasn't such an important part of her life. If we can't come to an agreement, she can continue to lease him the question is, if she goes away to college, she would not be able to do that since she wouldn't be around to ride him. He really is an emotional support animal for her as she has had a miserable time in H.S. and during the pandemic - but as I tell myself and tell her - we will all survive no matter what happens. But, I think for teens/young adults, they don't have that perspective that only comes with age. workouts....

Lucy's Advent Challenge Day 3 - 10 min Cardio workout and I added on a 10 min HIIT. Her stuff reminds me of Pahla B's to an extent - she moves a little more quickly and doesn't chat as much but there are some similarities in terms of the types of exercises she does.

Blessful Body - Hip Balancing Relief - this was a nice routine for strengthening and stretching the hips.

Thank you all for the horse thoughts, LOL!

Carol - darn, you have tempted me w/ B3....ugh. I hate to spend the $100+ if I'm not going to use it though.....I also enjoyed my Pilates Nest mini-challenge. That is a tough situation at school for sure. Our district is still talking about hybrid learning for the second semester, but cases keep rising here and I don't think that is going to improve, particularly after the holidays. I think we will have an option to keep our kids home if we want - and since my daughter has hated every minute of high school that is probably what she is going to want to do.

Dana - I always love an Ellen day.

Linda - hope you are feeling a bit perkier today.

Hope everyone has a good day -


Brenda in WA 12-03-20 02:24 PM

Still doing lots of step! :)

Donna, that sounds like a big decision!

fanofladyvols 12-03-20 07:53 PM

Hi Dana! Did you give in to the B3 bargain?
I'm thinking to replicate the variety I have in my DVDs/VHS collection, I'd have to have upwards of 4-5 subscriptions.

Brenda, you step queen! Good to hear from you.

Carol and Donna I think I was just feeling weary. I do feel better today though.

Today was an elliptical interval run, FPR Knee program phase 1 and Jill Miller Yoga link Shoulder extras.

Friday is TOMORROW folks!! :music:

txhsmom 12-03-20 09:00 PM

Thursday's workouts were:

Suzanne Bowen Fitness: Standing & Mat Lower Body - 24 minutes & Christmas Thigh & Seat Target - 7 minutes

Another couple of workouts that were new to me. Very Suzanne like though. Looking forward to opening my Door Barre Christmas present and using it!

I paid to have the dryer fixed. The heating element had failed - which is a logical issue given the clogged up vent and fuses burning out. It's a crap shoot either way. The dryer is getting up there in age, but I don't really want to spend the $$ for a new one right now. Hopefully I made the right decision.

Donna - Sorry! I wasn't meaning to tempt you. I find the Barre3 cardio segments really boring and keep wondering if they will ever end. I loved their stuff before they went more cardio on me. Now I find it pretty blah. I think the research is pretty clear that in person school, at least for younger students - I'd say up to middle school - is actually pretty safe. High school seems to be a little more risky. Sorry your daughter is having a miserable experience. I will keep y'all in my prayers.

Linda - Glad you are perkier today.

Waves to the step queen Brenda and Dana.


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