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sherry7899 03-17-20 03:13 PM

New Shoot free workouts for this time in isolation
They will be up for sixty days:

topfitmama 03-17-20 03:42 PM

Thanks for sharing, Sherry!

anetta 03-17-20 07:52 PM

Thank you Sherry


hypnomoon 03-18-20 12:21 AM

This is so wonderful for online fitness companies to share this with everyone.

sherry7899 03-18-20 08:17 AM

You are welcome! Enjoy!

I plan to try the qi gong and yoga.

horsemom2 03-18-20 09:03 AM

a few other free sites for this difficult time



also Lee Holden has a free Emergency kit in exchange for your email which will add to his library if you have any of his others

sherry7899 03-18-20 09:09 AM

Thanks, Barb!

horsemom2 03-18-20 09:19 AM

The New Shoot videos on vimeo

qigong for healthy joints

20 minute trim

chair yoga

sherry7899 03-18-20 09:34 AM

Thank you!

laurajhawk 03-18-20 09:35 AM

I'll take a look - I really like the New Shoot workouts I've done!

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