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JBliff 10-10-21 08:15 AM

Total Max Mixers - Week of October 10
Hi everyone. My workout yesterday was a 45 minute walk with DH. I had trouble sleeping again and didn't have a lot of energy.

Karjoy - Pushing a 65-lb DB while in a bear crawl sounds painful :eek:. Have fun at your race today.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

karjoy 10-10-21 07:51 PM

Did a Duathlon this am with my friend Chris and her husband. Consisted of a 5K run, 12 mile bike ride, and a 1.5 mile run. Chris did the whole thing. Her husband and I did a Relay. I did the run segments and he did the bike. Lots of fun, right on the Gulf coast with wildflowers and some dirt and pavement. It was a beautiful day and fairly cool at the start. Visited with some friends too.

Gosh sorry you didnít sleep well Jbliff. So frustrating I am sure.

Waves to Vannie and Gibbee.

Vantreesta 10-11-21 08:49 AM

Friday morning our washing machine died so I ended up doing a lot of research on new ones and never worked out. Saturday was supposed to baking at a friend's house but we had to postpone a day so hubby came home from work and we went and bought new washer and dryer from the appliance store we bought everything from 16 years ago. They will be delivered tmrw. The rest of the day I spent baking two cakes for cake balls and a pie plus putting up my cemetery. Of course we had barely a breeze for the previous couple weeks and Saturday was the first day in a while of 15+ mph wind so by bedtime I had already restaked two tombstones twice and then brought 4 in. The ground is so hard from lack of rain that nothing wants to stick in. I even bent a plastic stake. Yesterday was fun baking even though we were both tired, and we finished a lot earlier than usual so I was home in time for the White Sox game (which we won!). When I got home I saw the rest of my tombstones were down so brought them all in. Today I will try watering the ground where I want the stakes and see if I can get them in better. Will also workout, clear out the laundry room and clean out the pantry.

JB, thanks for the new thread. I'm sorry about the poor sleep. Mine has gotten better recently but now I remember my dreams, which are often about my mom and I wake up feeling the sadness if loss all over again. :(

Karen, nice job on the du! I wanted to do one several years ago but didn't want to do it alone and had no one who wanted to do it.

Waves to Cheryl and Gibbee!

JBliff 10-11-21 02:40 PM

My workout yesterday was 50 minutes on the elliptical.

Vannie - You sure are having a time of it with the tombstones! Hopefully you can get your decorations up today. Enjoy your new washer and dryer.

Karjoy - Sounds like a fun race.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

Cher 10-12-21 05:38 AM

yesterday was LITE Pyramid Pump One Time each exercise premix again. This is about all I could talk myself into for a weight workout. ;)

Not much to say. Lost a couple pounds over the past month but it’s a very slow process. :( Joseph and I are going up north this weekend. Darrell doesn’t want to go after Joseph gets off work Friday night and I’m not going Saturday morning for one night so he’s staying home. Fine with me. Then I can spend more time with my mom. ;)

Karen - That’s an interesting concept for the Duathon. Glad you had a good time.

JBliff - My sleep is alway crappy unless I take something which I don’t do very often.

Vannie - What kind of wash machine and dryer did you get? We got new a couple years ago and I hate the washer but the dryer is great. Bummer after getting all your tombstones up, you had to take them in because of the wind. Hopefully you can get the ground softened up enough for the stakes.

Waves Gibbee!

JBliff 10-12-21 10:04 AM

My workout yesterday was RwH Upper Body Circuit.

Cher - Good to hear from you. Isn't it funny how it's so easy to add the pounds and so hard to lose them?

Waves to everyone. Have a good day.

karjoy 10-12-21 07:39 PM

Did a 45 minute treadmill run with hills. Not terribly steep but a good workout overall. Rested and stretched yesterday.

Vannie you should try a Duathlon sometime. It really was a lot of fun being part of a relay. Takes a lot of pressure off when someone else does part. Gosh you really worked hard on your tombstones! Did you get them up to stay after watering? We have a Samsung washer and dryer that we really like. Front loading washer. Before that we had LG washer and dryer that we also liked. What kind did
You get?

Cher good to hear from you. Good work losing the pounds. Seems so much harder as we get older. How long does it take you to get to the camp? I would not want to go for one night either.

Jbliff are you sleeping better? I wish I had some suggestions for you.

Waves to Gibbee.

JBliff 10-13-21 06:48 AM

My workout yesterday was a long walk with DH in the morning and 40 minutes on the elliptical in the afternoon.

Karjoy - My sleep pattern is so bad these days. I have been up since 2 a.m. this morning but I did get almost 8 hours the night before. I've toyed with the idea of taking melatonin to see if it would help but haven't yet bought any.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

karjoy 10-13-21 08:06 PM

Drive by: I did biceps and shoulders with my heaviest tubing and some Ab work including those dead bug thingies which always make me laugh.

Jbliff crossing my fingers that you get a good nightís sleep tonight. Melatonin is considered very safe if you ever need to try it. Just stick with the dose on the package.

JBliff 10-14-21 06:57 AM

My workout yesterday was an episode of Namaste Yoga in the morning and Travel Fit in the afternoon. I was surprisingly OK given how little I slept. I did get about 7 hours last night.

- My research on melatonin shows it increases your sleep time by about 8 minutes which doesn't seem enough to bother with, but I might try it one day.

Waves to everyone. Have a good day.

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