Sandi M's Workout Database

for Palm or Handspring Visor device (with at least the Palm 2.0 OS).

I have created a small set of demo data bases that can be easily used with ThinkDB software. This software is FREE, and is downloadable from either or ThinkDB is a relational data base manager that allows a user to create and maintain data base s of anything. It could be used to catalog books, household furnishings, auto maintenance records, in addition to workouts and videos. I absolutely love it, because now I can have my planned and completed workout rotations along with my calendar, address book and grocery list (Palm OS software).

ThinkDB also has a version of PC software that costs 39.95, but it is not required to use these workout/video data bases.

The 4 .pdb files consist of (click to download each):

Library of Cardio Videos
Library of Strength Videos
Library of Full Body Workout Videos
Library of Workouts (both planned and completed)

I put in a few records in each to demonstrate how they can be used. The name of each data base describes what it contains.

The user can hotsync the data base files from their PC to their Palm device along with the downloaded ThinkDB software, and be ready to go. All of the data base fields and forms are easily modified for any user to record any information. For example, I keep track of my weight and measurements each week in the same data base. You could track calories, too. I threw out my big workout book, and I never thought I'd be able to do that!

Hope someone else can find this as useful as I have.

Sandi Mohler

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