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Spinervals Competition 8.0 - Recovery & Technique

Troy Jacobson

Length: 45 minutes
Difficulty Rating: 7.5
Type: Technique

The format of this workout:
~ 8 minute warm-up - including standard 3x30 in BR/15
~ 5 x 1 minute 1-leg drill (30 seconds each) BR/23
~ 2 minute easy spin
~ 10 x 1 minute Super spin (cadence >120) with 30 seconds rest (SR/15-SR/23)
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 3 x 1 minute 1-leg drill (30 seconds each) SR/15
~ 1+ minute easy spin
~ 3 x 30 seconds spin-ups (increase cadence every 10 seconds) with 30 seconds rest SR/18,SR/23,SR/23
~ 5 minute cool-down

This is a workout for easy days, and also to allow you to work on your technique. Sometimes technique workouts are hard for me to keep “easy” because my heart rate goes high when I do very high cadence, and sometimes (or maybe often) my legs get tired when I do the 1-leg drills. So, I usually have to adjust the gears when I do this type of workout, but I do feel they are valuable to me.

Since this doesn’t have the intensity of other Spinervals, it doesn’t have the same fun factor, but it is a good workout and doesn’t bore me. The fact that the sets are fairly short helps keep it interesting. The music is boring on this, and since it is an earlier Spinervals, you can’t turn it off and use your own. On the super intense workouts, this doesn’t bother me, but on this one, I really wish I could choose my own tunes.

Instructor comments:

Lisa C


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