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Spinerval 5.0 Mental Toughness

Troy Jacobson

This is a 90 minute tempo-paced workout. But don't let that tempo pace fool you, it is tough. The set almost looks like it's in a church - very pretty windows, etc. There is very little standing in this workout,(and I like standing) but I found you can add it in on some of the sets. No doubt about it, this is an advanced workout.

The workout:

Warmup; 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

1 minute rest

10 minute set - you shift resistance every 30 seconds

1 minute rest

Five two-minute sets, each set increasing your resistance (start at big ring 23, finish at big ring 12)

1 minute rest

Ten one-minute drills - each minute at a different resistance.

1 minute rest

Get off your bike and prepare to do two 90 seconds iso squats. This is NOT easy. Two of the cyclists stay on their bikes and spin.

Get back on the bike and soft pedal for 2 minutes. Whew.

Back to the tempo work!
Six 1-minute sets - different resistance with each set.

1 minute rest

Three 2-minute sets, varing resistance (big ring 18, 15, 12).

1 minute rest

Six minute tempo set. You start the first minute at big ring 18, then 15, 12, back to 18, 15, and finish off at 12. Tough.

Last set! Four 45-second drills. In your big ring 15, you increase your cadence each 15 seconds. The last 15 seconds is an all-out push.

Cool down.

As you can see, there really isn't much for rests between the sets, and that is what keeps my heart rate up there, even though it's at a more tempo pace than some of the other Spinerval workouts.

The music on this workout is so-so. I think Suffer-O-Rama, Uphill Grind and Muscle Breakdown have better music...or maybe it's because this workout is so long that I feel like the same songs are playing over and over.

It's a great workout on a day when you want a longer workout. The last two sets are awesome!!!

Instructor comments: He never changes, hehe. Still cracking the whip!!!


I'm writing this during a lull at work so can't give an exact breakdown. This video is 90 minutes long. I don't remember where it is filmed.

I started out with 45 minutes and worked my way up to the 90 minute point.

The work is more tempo work, probably so one can last 90 minutes! Some of the sets are pretty long too. There are two 90 second iso squats in here, and those took a little working up to as well.

I still break this video in half, just because I don't have the time to do it all at one time and it works well for that. Because it's not quite as leg burning as the other Spinervals I've also used it for "brick" workouts and gone for a run afterwards. When I do the whole 90 minutes it feels so great though! Andrea Lynn

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