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Spinervals Competition 2.0 - Time Trial Special

Troy Jacobson

This workout is 60 minutes in length, and based on improving your time trial cadence. I believe that the set is the same one used in Suffer-O-Rama (looks to be an old brewery/restaurant). There is one background participant who is distracting to me - she hangs her head a lot and pedals very sloooooow. The music is okay, not the best Spinerval music, but I don't mind it.

A breakdown of the workout:

Warm up - 30 seconds on, 30 off
1 minute rest
One-legged spins - 1 minute on each leg, repeat (these are tough)
1 minute rest
30 second fast spin, with 10 seconds rest - 3 times

Now comes the time trial part, which consists of a ladder:

Five minutes, big ring 18
1 minute rest
Four minutes, big ring 19
50 seconds rest
Three minutes, big ring 15
40 seconds rest
Two minutes, big ring 13
30 seconds rest
1 minute, big ring 12

This is not easy, because you are trying to keep your cadence between 85-90.

Two minutes rest. Thank you Coach Troy!

Then you repeat the cycle;
One legged spins
Fast spin
Another ladder - but this time:
Three minutes, big ring 18
30 seconds rest
Two minutes, big ring 15
30 seconds rest
1 minute, big ring 12

The last set is a sprint;
10 seconds all out at big ring 18, 10 seconds at big ring 15,
10 seconds at big ring 12. Repeat 3 times.

I find this one of the harder Spinerval workouts, because for me, time trialing is TOUGH. But then, none of the Spinerval workouts are really "non-tough."

Instructor comments: What can I say? You love to hate him. One of my favorite lines from him in this workout: "If it hurts, that's's supposed to." Not nice. :)


I just did this video again today and was reminded of how much I like it. It is an older Spinerval, but a fun workout.

There is lots of variety with superspins, pyramids, one-legged spins, and ladders. There is very little standing. The two minute rest are definitely needed!

If you are just getting into Spinervals, I think this older one is definitely worth having.

Andrea Lynn


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