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Spinervals 21.0 - Aero Base Builder IV

Troy Jacobson

Length: 74 minutes
Difficulty Rating: 7.5
Type: ABB

~ Warm-up
~ 1 x 60 minute set, random changing of gears
~ cool down

I find this ABB workout the most boring of the ABB Spinerval workouts. This is because the workout is basically one long set. I need my little rest periods when I am working out on my trainer, and getting through a 60 minute set is very difficult for me - mentally, more than physically.

The one thing this video does have going for it is that there are 100 participants in it, so there is more visual interest than most Spinervals. However, I am not one to look at the TV that much when I am spinning for some reason, so this factor doesn’t help keep me from getting bored. But I do think more observant people might be helped by this and might not be as bored with this workout as I was.

Lisa C


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