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Spinervals Sweating Buckets (2.0 FITNESS Series)

Coach Troy Jacobson

Sweating Buckets is Part of the Spinervals Fitness Series (#2). It's a 45 minute beginner to intermediate workout. That's at least what the box says. It's dubbed as 45 mins. of moderate intesnity intervals, designed for the recreational cyclists. They rate the videos on a Difficulty level and this one rates 7.5 out of 10. (but, I think this might just be for the "Fitness Spinervals" as it didn't seem quite a 7.5 to me compared to the Spinervals Competition Series Videos...)

Set consists of a room with several cyclists in it. Male, female, triathletes, one lady's a grandmother of 7!!! They are all motivating (to me). There's a backdrop of the out-of-doors... kinda like a mountain and green. Clearly just a scenery background. In the room is a grandfather's clock. Coach Troy does his usual of walking around and cheering everyone on.

It says it's for "developoing skills of the beginner cyclists" and for the advanced cyclist it reinforces techniques and makes for an easier training day. I enjoyed it.

The BIG difference with this tape vs. the other Spinervals. . . He puts in 2 minutes of recovery between sets (vs. the 1 minute in the Competition series). So, there is plenty of time to wipe, blow the nose, get a drink, and prepare to go all out on the other parts. I can see how this would help improve one's cadence.

In the beginning of each tape they show a breakdown of what's going to be done. Here it is (warning, can get B-O-R-I-N-G, read at your own risk!):

Warm up: 10 mins.
3 sets of 30 seconds hard and 30 seconds rest between
2 Minutes Easy
Superspin of 20 seconds fast and a 40 second rest between done 5 times
2 minutes easy
Pyramid Set
2 Minutes Easy
20 Seconds of superspin & 40 seconds off for 6 times.
2 Minutes Easy
3 sets of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest.
Cool Down.

So, as you can see.... LOTS of time for recovery, so in learning to spin faster... one can REALLY go all out. During the sets, he tells you what gears to switch to and there is a diagram and written in the lower right hand corner for gears. This would not apply to spin bikes, but come on ... an interval is an interval. One works as hard as ONE wants to!

Definitely a tad bit easier then the other Spinervals, but still a GREAT workout.

Instructor comments: Very motivating. Enjoyed his encouragement.



Fitness Spinervals 2.0 Sweating Buckets
45-minute workout

Although the pre-view screen said it was a 10 min warm-up it is really only about 2-3 mins followed by the traditional 3 x 30 sec hard/easy. As Cleda mentioned in her wonderful review the rest of the workout is as follows after the warm up:
2 minutes rest
6 x 20 seconds of superspin (high cadence) 40 second off
2 minutes easy or rest
Pyramid Set:
30 secs on, 30 off
60 secs on, 30 off
90 sec on, 30 off
120 sec on, 30 off
90 sec on, 30 off
60 sec on, 30 off
30 sec on, 30 off
2 minutes rest
5 x 20 secs. of superspin (cadence at least 120 or higher) 40 seconds off
2 Minutes rest
3 x 30 secs. of superspins (increasing speed or intensity every 10 seconds), 30 seconds rest
Cool down

I don't have a lot to add except that since we had 2 mins off I was really able to push all the sets to my maximum effort. Overall there really is not that much difference between this workout and other Spinervals other than the generous 2 min rest periods. As with any spin workout the intensity depends on how hard you make it. I personally use this Spinerval for practicing my cadence, as a pre-weight training workout or a reverse brick workout. Coach Troy is highly motivating/encouraging and the set is refreshing and bright. He is my favorite instructor and even though I'm a runner and only use 2 Spinervals a week, my endurance, speed and mental toughness has improved greatly.



Length: 52 minutes

Difficulty Rating: 7.5

The format of the workout:
~ Extra warm up (3 minutes)
~ Warm up set 3x30 on/off intervals
~ 2 minutes recovery
~ Super Spins (20 sec/40 sec rest - 6 times)
~ 2 minutes recovery
~ Standing Intervals (30 seconds on/30 seconds rest - 6 times)
~ 2 minutes recovery
~ Pyramid (30/60/90/2 min/90/60/30) with 30 seconds rest
~ 2 minutes recovery
~ Super Spins (20 secon/40 sec rest - 5 times)
~ Intervals (30 seconds - increasing intensity each 10 seconds, 30 seconds rest - 3 times)
~ Cool down (5 minutes)

This is another great Spinervals workouts. It is a little easier because it has 2 minutes rest, but other than that, I think this can be a pretty tough workout. The super spins and the standing work always keep my heart rate high. If you find 2 minutes 2 long, each set is chaptered, and you can hit “Next” when you are ready to move to next set.

Like all the other Fitness series workouts, I like this one a lot because it has great variety in the set. I do not get bored with these workouts.

Instructor comments:

Lisa C


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