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Spinervals Competition 17.0 - Aero Base II

Troy Jacobson

The DVD cover said this workout was 75 mins on the packaging but it really is around 80 mins but that's fine since more time I spend with Coach Troy (CT) the tougher I become. I do recommend watching the Coaches notes from Aero Base I (16.0) just so you get an idea of what is expected from you before doing this workout. There are coaches notes in 17.0 but they are not as explanatory as in 16.0. I will say so far this is my favorite Aero Base! There are rock climbers to distract you, great athletes and CT to gently push you through this aerobic steady state workout. This is not your typical 'toss your cookies' Spinerval workout. There are no killer intervals. Come to think of it I don't remember CT ever yelling. The music was kind of hard for me to hear but I didn't notice it and I didn't grab my own music so I guess that's good. CT seems more interested in coaching and more energetic in this workout than in 16.0 but it could just be me. I did this workout on a Rev Master and I don't have a trainer yet so I'm not very familiar with the gear but here is the breakdown:
Traditional Spinerval warm up 3 x 30 sec @ 30 sec rest. Tension 4/Big Gear 15
20x 1 minute @ 15 sec rest between sets. Various tensions and gears but mostly Tensions 4-5/Big Gear 15-12
10x 2 minutes @ 15 sec rests between sets. Various gears. Tensions 2-3/Big Gear 23-21
5 x 4 minutes @ 15 sec rests between sets. Tension 2/small chain ring.
3 minute cool down
For some reason this workout went by much faster for me than 16.0. I was a little bored in 16.0 and used my own music for a lot of the work; however, in this one I only used my music for the last set. 17.0 kept my mind busy and that's what makes time fly by for me. CT has you change gears, stand up and change hand positions often. This workout is rated as a 7.5 out of 10 and your intensity should be 10 beats below your LT. Even though this workout is a steady state one you will sweat and work hard. I was actually shocked at how sweaty I was when I was done because I didn't feel like I worked that hard and with the window fan blowing 45 degree air on me I didn't even think I was sweating at all. Another great Spinerval!!!

Instructor comments:

Angela Horswill

Length: 83 minutes
Difficulty Rating: 7.5
Type: ABB

Out of the 4 ABB Spinerval workouts (actually, there are 5, but the 5th is a parts workout of the first 4), this is the most enjoyable to me. The sets are long, but include a lot of shorter reps, so the time goes by more quickly.

The format:

~ 6 minute warm-up including 3x30
~ 22 x 1 minute with 15 sec rest. BR/15-BR/12 (cadence 80-90) with some standing
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 10 x 2 minutes with 15 sec rest. BR/17-23 (cadence 90-100), not much standing if any in this set
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 5 x 4 minutes with 15 sec rest. BR/15,SR/15,SR/17,SR/18 (cadence 80-105 depending on gear). Some random standing.
~ 2 minute cool down.

NOTE: Troy says it the first set is 20x1 minute, but there are really 22 reps in this set. He counts wrong, and I sort of think that some of the participants want to say something, but maybe they are afraid to!

I donít consider this an easy workout really, because I have to concentrate to keep my HR in my correct zone, and it is long. Also, I personally need to either cheat with my gears or my cadence to keep my HR down. Usually I try to cheat with my gears and stay with the correct cadence because that is what I need to work on most. But it is great aerobic workout, and fits into the Spinervals library nicely.

Instructor comments:

Lisa C


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