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Spinervals 1.0 - No Slackers Allowed

Troy Jacobson

This is an excellent spinning workout. This workout is filmed outdoors on the beach with 18 cyclists. Although the class participants are using their own bikes on a bike trainer, I found it very easy to adapt to my spinning bike. Spinervals videos are geared towards the serious athlete and are very tough in intensity. I have 6 out of the 7 spinervals videos now and I love them all!!! This is a 44 minute workout including ladders, sprint sets, super high cadence spins and race simulation. Here is a breakdown of 1.0:

Warm up - 4 minutes soft peddle

First warm up drill - 30 seconds hard peddle - 30 seconds soft peddle - meaning you are in a hard gear for the first 30 seconds and then you switch to a very easy gear to recover for 30 seconds. This drill is 3 minutes long.

Recover for 1 minute

Next is a 5 minute tempo effort - start at a very conservative pace and at each 1 minute interval you switch to a harder gear but peddle with the same intensity the whole 5 minutes. You never slow down although the peddling gets harder with each minute. Very tough!!

Recover for 1 minute

This next set is hard to explain but it is tough. It's 5 minutes long and you start out on a hard gear for 10 seconds, then you switch and soft peddle to recover for 10 seconds, then you switch back to the hard gear but stand for 10 seconds and then soft peddle to recover for 10 seconds, you constantly alternate this pattern for a full 5 minutes.

Recover for 2 minutes

Next is the Super Spin - Spinning at a high cadence with your goal being to maintain that high cadence for 30 seconds and then recover for 20 seconds. You do this 6x each.

Recover for 1 minute

Next is the Race Simulation - This is a 5 minute segment where you are constantly changing gears the whole 5 minutes, never know what gear he will have you go to next. Going up and down hills the entire time.

Recover for 1 minute

Next is a 5 minute Super Spin - during this segment you start out with a 20 second high cadence spin going all out - switch to a hard gear and peddle for 10 seconds still going all out and last you stand with that same gear going all out for 5 seconds, recover for 10 seconds and repeat for the entire 5 minutes.

This workout ends with a 6 minute soft peddle cooldown. There are no stretches in any of the spinervals warm ups or cooldowns so you will have to do that on your own but I really enjoy doing a short yoga workout afterwards so that part doesn't bother me.

Dawn Henson

First, I like to thank Dawn for writing such a great review for this video. I was not familar with Spinervals before her review. This video starts out with a 5 minute tempo. You peddle the same speed the whole 5 minutes but you increase the tension each minute. After a short break, you spend the next 5 minutes going 10 seconds hard then 10 seconds recovery. The next interval is the superspin. You go 30 seconds hard and then 30 seconds easy. The next interval is the 5K time trial. The entire 5 minutes you go 100%. You constantly change gears to simulate hills. The final interval is 5 minutes. It is another superspin.

This workout takes place on beach with real triathletes. The music is good, but I usually do not realize it, because I am too busy watching my sweat drip to the floor and am dealing with the burning in my quads. These workout are great. The only complaint I had was that I do not have the same epuipment as they do. They are using their regular outdoor bikes with a trainer on the back. I use my stationary bike. It took me a while, but not I am able to adjust my resistance to the same gear as they are using. I have done Cathe, Intense Moves, Tae Bo, and many other advanced workouts, but spinervals make those workouts look like a walk in the park. During this workout, I was dripping sweat like I have never before. I went 9 miles in this workout in about 40 minutes. This workout is not as intense as Spinervals 3.0 but it is still a killer.

Instructor comments: Troy is great. He really motivates you to go 100% and push yourself to your limit.

Trish Griffin

Dawn has broken this down nicely. The box says "45 minute Interval Session with Ladders, spinsets, and sprints".

I have done several of the Spinerval tapes and I have to say that I think Coach Troy got better with time. This was #1 of the Competition series.

This tape is definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

He does a race simulation as if we were racing in the Tour De France, going uphills, leveling off and downhills. Uses some visualization techniques about catching the cyclist in front of you.

I do enjoy the way Coach Troy is always saying "Knees into the top tube", "spin, spin, spin" or "faster, faster, faster" or better yet, "you're almost done!".

These series of cycling tapes are designed to get the maximum training done in minimal time and I must admit, they deliver!

The music was rather dull (to me) in this video. Not nearly as motivating as some of the music, that makes me right on the edge of the bike seat when the interval begins! Still, Coach Troy pushes you through for an excellent workout!

All in all? A good, tough, time-efficient cycling tape.

Instructor comments: Motivating and encouraging (as always!)



Length: 44 minutes
Difficulty Rating: 9.0
Type: Interval

Iím not sure how Coach Troy comes up with his difficulty ratings, but for me, this is one of the toughest Spinervals out there, and I would probably rate it closer to a 10. The sets are very intense and there is little rest in between. But it is short and the time flies by, so I love this workout.

The format is as follows:
~ 8 minute Warm-up including standard Spinervals warm-up of 3x30 sec in BR/15
~ 5 minute Tempo effort: Cadence always around 80, start in BR/18, end in BR/12, going down every minute.
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 5 minutes Hard/Easy efforts in BR/15 switching every10 seconds
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 6x30 seconds Super Spin in SR/15 (cadence above 120) with 20 seconds rest
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 5 minute Race simulation (5 minutes 5K time trial all hard work with no rest, switching gears randomly throughout with some standing)
~ 1 minute easy spin
~ 5 Super Spin/Sprint intervals: 20 seconds (cadence >120, SR/15), 10 seconds to switch to BR/12, 10 seconds sprint seated, 5 seconds standing 15 seconds rest.
~ 6 minute cooldown

Considering this workout has a longer warm-up and cooldown than most Spinervals, you are accomplishing quite a lot in short amount of time. For me, the variety and intensity of this workout make it a winner.

Lisa C


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