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Spinervals Fitness 3.0 Enter the Red Zone

Troy Jacobson

I did ETRZ and it was fun! My disclamer is that I did it on my elliptical, so it isn't the same experience as on one of the bikes. It was so cool to work out with VFers!

I loved the squats and iso squats. (My ONLY claim to fitness fame is that I'm good at wall-sits, so these were not impossible).

I was laughing during that squat section, especially the longer one. I went into kind of a Zen state and non-judgementally observed the cat hairs and dust bunnies swirling around the floor in time to my heavy breathing. (Who needs drugs when there are Spinervals!) The cat hairs and dust bunnies magically floated back under the TV when I was done.

It seemed like Coach Troy had underestimated our Team VF. I'm positive he was surprised at the huge "hurt me some more" smiles from all the ladies. I haven't seen "Lean & Mean" (yet, it's due soon). But, I'm wondering if he worked the team harder.

This works well with my elliptical. I'm still learning how to translate some of the bike terms. I was red in the face for abut two hours after entering the red zone!

The DVD feaatures several interviews with Coach Troy. And a dinner with Team VF.

There is a sound problem with parts of the workout where it is hard to hear the Coach. There are different audio options from which to choose.

Instructor comments: Coach Troy has a nice camera presence. It looked like has was having fun tormenting the VF crew. In a nice way!



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