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Spinervals Fitness 1.0 Ride Strong with Team Clydesdale

Troy Jacobson

Length: 45 minutes

Difficulty Rating: 6.5

The format of the workout:
~ Extra warm up (4 minutes)
~ Warm up set 3x30 on/off intervals
~ 2 minutes off
~ Pyramid Set 1 (30/60/90/60/30) with 30 seconds rest
~ Pyramid Set 2 (repeat above)
~ 2 minutes off
~ Super Spins (15 sec/45 sec rest - 6 times)
~ 2 minutes off
~ Tempo intervals (1 minute on/45 sec rest)
~ Cool down (5 minutes)

This is one of the easiest Spinervals, however, I find it to be a great workout. There is no reason you canít use a slightly higher gear or cadence than Troy suggests. If you give this workout your all, it can become a really nice interval workout.

I like this one because it of the variety of the sets in a short period of time. It is definitely not a killer workout, but there are lots of times when this workout is just perfect for my needs. Because of the longer than normal warm-up the actual workout is only about 35 minutes, there is no dread factor with this workout, but I still end up getting a decent workout.

This workout was done with a group from Team Clydesdale and Team Diabetes, and has more people of varying shapes and sizes than most Spinervals, which I kind of like.

Instructor comments:

Lisa C.


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