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Aérobie, exercices de raffermissement

Échauffement (Warm up): 7.30 minutes
Aérobie (Aerobic): 17 minutes
Musculation (Toning): 16 minutes
Étirement (Stretching): 5 minutes

Niveau (Level): Débutant/Intermédiaire (Beginer/Intermediate)
Chorégraphie (Choreography): Facile (Basic)

As you can see from the title this video is in french. It is produced in Québec, Canada in the NTSC format. (It is the same as in the USA).

I have had this video for 4 years now. I still do it from time to time, when I need an easier but complete workout in less than an hour.

The SET is located in a studio and looks pretty basic. There are painted panels and plants, it looks decent. (Budget for decors are not as big as in the USA)

The MUSIC is good and varied. The warm up is done on techno pop, most of the aerobics is on south american songs, the toning is on popular music ( Taylor Daine, Elton John,...) and the stretching is on an instrumental piece from Sade.

The INSTRUCTOR and her team do a good job. The team is composed of 4 women ( One in her 20ies, one in her 30ies, one in her 40ies and one in her 50ies) They want to make all of us welcom :o}! They do the routine from the beginning to the end showing some modifications. The instructor on her part cues well and maintains good form. She is very likeable.

The WARM UP is well composed, it efficiently gets you ready for the aerobic section.

The floor AEROBIC segment is diveded in 5 small routines. The moves are simple and easy to follow.

COOL DOWN: There is none, right at this time you check the level at wich you have been working. I walk around during that time to cool down.

The TONING section is also well composed. It works the upper, mid and lower body. No accessories are needed.

The STRETCHING portion is also complete. She makes you stretch from neck to toes.

In conclusion this video is one that I recommend to beginners and intermediate trainers (for easier days). It might not be as glamorous as the ones made in the USA, but it is a good workout.

Bon entraînement!

Josee Daigneault

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