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Runervals 5.0 - 10K Strength Builder

Troy Jacobson

This is another tough treadmill workout from Coach Troy. The main set consists of five 6 min repeats. Troy says you are basically doing mile repeats. Yeah, right!! I can tell you that I didn't come close to a mile with any of the repeats. That's what's great about treadmill workouts. You work at your fitness level and you can get a great workout even if you're not as fast as a guy that can run a 4:11 mile.

In between the "mile" repeats, you have 90 seconds of jogging at your BP pace. For the repeats, you use your 10K race pace. Every minute, you will increase your incline. For the first four repeats, you use an incline of 0%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%. For the last repeat, you use an incline of 0%, 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, and 10%.

I thought the production was a little better than Hill Climber. The lighting wasn't as bright. The picture might not be as crisp in some places. Troy mentioned audio problems. However, my treadmill is noisy so I really pump up the volume when I do a Runervals anyway so I didn't notice audio problems. In any event, everybody will be working so hard, I doubt that they will notice the production that much.

Like Hill Climber, there are some black and white clips of runners at various races. I find these clips motivating to watch.

Instructor comments: Troy is motivating as usual. He really makes me want to work hard. As usual, he has fun with the athletes too. One guy can run a 4:11 mile. There are really fast runners in Runervals 2.0 through 5.0.

Helen Stephens

May 5, 2005

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