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Runervals 4.0 Up, Up & Up! The Hill Climber!

Troy Jacobson

This workout confirmed my suspision that Coach Troy is a sadist who loves to make people beg for his mercy! (LOL!) I've been doing Spinervals for a few months, and find them very challenging but this workout is far beyond what I expected in regards to intensity! I cannot break down the workout in detail, because my memory is cloudy from exhaustion. (or is it the steam from all of the sweat?!) Anyway, the premise is that you do intervals of increasing intensity...easiets being base pace + 1mph @ 1% incline. As the title suggests, you gradually raise the incline & speed to increase your efficiency when running uphill. By the final set of intervals he has you doing base pace + 5mph @ 10% icline.(!) I had to modify quite a bit to make it to the end of this workout, and this is obviously geared toward hard-core runners. (I have been "casually" running for years, and this workout knocked me out!!!!) Coach Troy is increadibly motivating & pushed me to up the incline a little higher than I normally would...and kick up the mph a little more than I usually do. This is one though workout, and even though I can't complete it to Coach Troy's instruction, I can definitely see how it will benefit me, and give me something to aspire to.

This is an "off the cutting room floor" addition, but I didn't find the production to be all that bad. There are 5 or 6 participants on treadmills, inside a sporting goods store--I think. The lighting is a bit hot in some sections, and there is one point toward the end where the sound crackles a bit. Nothing major, IMO. Oh yes-the sound in the beginning intro. is MUCH louder than the sound in the actual workout, so be sure to have your remote handy!

Instructor comments: Coach Troy is ultra-motivating, as always. He has helped me push myself to excel cardiovascularly to a level I never thought possible. Who else could make 55 minutes of torture so much fun?!



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