Video Fitness

Perfect Balance Workout

(Donna Richardson, Lisa Gaylord, Gloria Quinlan and Stephanie Herman)

There are 4 workouts, each taught by a different person.

The first is Karate-Aerobics by Lisa Gaylord. This woman looks MEAN. She does not crack a smile -- in fact, she looks like she is getting ready to kill someone. Maybe you're supposed to look like that when you're doing karate, but I don't like it. The karate-aerobics are basically just a bunch of low-impact kicks over and over. I thought it was boring.

The next workout is Salsa Dance by Gloria Quinlan. She is perkier and smiles a lot. The routine is mildly interesting. There are no moves we haven't seen before, and the intensity is too low.

Next is Donna Richardson with Attitude Aerobics. Here I start having some fun, but by the time my heart rate gets up to anything approaching fat-burning, the routine is over.

Finally, Stephanie Herman teaches Heartbeat Ballet. She's good, too, and I like the routine, but it's just not intense enough. This might be great for a beginner, but not for me.

I'm ranking it as a C.

Annie S.

This video is perfect for coordinated beginners and lower intermediates who are interested in trying several different types of workouts. The set and music are new agey, but not unpleasant. I liked some of the tunes, and I think it looks like there's a waterfall built in one section of the wall, and I dug that too. The tai chi warm up is cool, easy too follow. There's no instruction, so some people won't like that, but it really is quite simple. Two thumbs up. The karate aerobics are next, and they are the big disappointment of the video. The big draw back is they don't seem fun at all and are very repetitive. Lisa might be a very warm person, but it doesn't show here. She seems very dour, and the routine just isn't interesting enough. Gloria's salsa section is fun. Its really standard aerobics with a latin flavor mixed in, but Gloria seems so friendly this section feels fun. Donna is next with some funky attitude aerobics. This segment is much easier than donnamite, but it is fun and Donna, as always, is funky, and energetic. The ballet section with Stephanie is last. It is fun and very graceful feeling. Stephanie seems very friendly and pleasant also, and she leads the yoga cooldown, which is nice and relaxing. Overall, this is a great choice for exercisers who don't consider themselves to be much beyond a low intermediate, but want to try lots of different things. The workout isn't very complicated or intense, but minus the karate section, it is fun and gives a taste of some "hot" workout trends. For the most part, the instructors seem competent, friendly and encouraging. Form tips are included for each discipline at the end of the tape. Its too bad this tape has become so hard to find... its great addition to sample new things and clear out the doldrums of the same old thang.

Instructor comments: All four have different personalities. Donna is Donna- fun, personable, "attitude." Gloria is lovely. She seems polite and motivating. Lisa never smiles and seems beyond intense. I was pleasantly surprised by Stephanie Herman. I thought she seemed very friendly and encouraging. I had a video by her and thought she came across as snobby, but she is quite pleasant here.


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