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  • Former star of ESPN's "Fitness Pros"
  • ACE certified
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Personality-wise, Donna is my favorite. She's down-to-earth, bursting with enthusiasm, and just makes you feel like you're her best friend. One of very few black instructors to hit it big, Donna is dance-trained and can do funky, dancy moves with great skill, yet her routines don't get very complicated - they're just done with plenty of "attitude". Donna is now deservedly breaking out with her own video series, but she can also be found co-starring (and standing out) in ESPN's "Fitness Pros" (R.I.P., but several compilations available on video), the "Buns of Steel Platinum" series, the "Perfect Balance" series, two Nike videos and the CIA 3001 video (all available from Collage). If you're lucky, you can also catch her once in awhile guesting on ESPN2's "Crunch" show, probably the last surviving worthwhile exercise show - catch it now before they cancel it, too.

Sue Bryant

Donna has a great disposition and a very motivating personality. I liked her very much in the old Fitness Pros shows, but I haven't seen any of her videos. She has a relaxed, somewhat funky style and actually manages to teach that well, even to those of us to whom "attitude" does not come naturally :).

Wendy Niemi Kremer

What an incredible cominbation of sass, spirit, and sweetness this lady is! Donna's routines are effective yet recreational in the true sense of the word. I feel like a new woman after completing her workout--as if I've spent an hour laughing and goofing off with a group of good friends. Donna is also a great teacher who doesn't let her good-natured banter get in the way of instruction. Best of all, she refreshes common aerobic steps with her own unique blend of attitude and flair.

Melissa Cooper

Donna is upbeat and motivating, just like her music! She's a fun person to work out with and is one of the best. She has a knack for spicing up the most mundane moves!

Annie S.

She definitely motivates me. She is high spirited and promotes a fun-filled aerobic exercise.

Laurel S.

Upbeat, sincere, fun, great cueing. Donna's enthusiasm is contagious!


Donna is very peppy and encouraging without being annoying. She is one of the few instructors I can tolerate at 4:30 am. She is knowledgeable about her subject matter, and pays attention to form and detail.

Nancy Webb

We see a different side of Donna in this video. She was a real party animal in Donna-Mite, but here she's much more business-like and serious. That's appropriate, given that for a lot of us, strength training isn't really the place to "get down and jam" :) However, she remains one of the most upbeat, pleasant personalities in the field.

Melissa Cooper

Donna Richardson is upbeat and peppy without being annoying. She is one of the few people who can be "chatty" in her video without saying stuff like "Woooo!" and "Whoa, Baby!" every other breath. I like that! (although, for some reason I *still* really prefer the stern, seriousness of FIRM instructors - go figure?) Donna also has a natural knack for being coordinated and funky. I do not have those skills, which might be why I don't have as much fun as most other people do with this video.

Christine Letsky

Donna does a great job in cuing the changes in routine. I don't find myself continuing a move for 2 or 3 beats before realizing that I have fallen behind. She is very encouraging without seeming patronizing -- a quality that is very important to me personally.

Erin Ferragut

Donna Richardson is a funky, fun, real likable, competent, professional instructor. It's hard not to like her. She demonstrates good form, explains the moves, motivates and jokes all without being shrill, annoying, and phony. Out of all the instructors I've seen, she's the one who would be most fun to go out club-hopping with.


Donna is a little too perky for my taste -- this was the first tape of hers I tried. I also thought the wardrobe change between each segment was a bit cheesy.


Donna Richardson is a excellent instructor. Her encouragement is genuine and her steps are easy to follow. Most of all she understands that not all of us have an hour a day in which to exercise. This is why this tape is so fabulous. Kudos to Donna-mite

Angie Simpson

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