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Back to Basics

I have plenty of aerobic videos and this one I enjoy because it is well-balanced. I can increase my heart rate and burn fat while having a great time. Donna's video has an excellant lower body segment that really work my buns and legs. I always get compliments on my legs and Donna is the reason. I also like the short but to the point upper body weight training segment. We get in and get out, but we work those areas (especially the flab behind the arms). Donna is real funky and this energy makes me continue through the hi-low aerobic and even the great abdominal workout. I look forward to this video! Don't miss out.

Laurel S.

Since Santa brought me an unwanted Christmas gift - a flu virus - I went through my collection for an all-in-one workout that's not too long, too strenuous, or too complicated, and will lift my spirits. Back to Basics fit that bill perfectly. Even though it's not associated with CIA, it's very CIA-styled complete with endearingly tacky set, familiar Dynamix tunes and no-nonsense approach. Donna starts with about 20 minutes of hi-lo aerobics using simple, basic steps spiced up with her trademark funky mannerisms. Her cueing is much better than on DonnaMite - I can see why some people are frustrated by that tape - and the moves are very easy to modify from beginner to intermediate/advanced. Two of the exercisers show high-impact alternatives, including a neat kicky grapevine variation. Following a funky cooldown, Donna leads us through combined upper/lower body toning, such as curls while squatting; it won't turn you into a Tracie Long, but in my condition it was good enough for government work. Next are squats and leg extensions, floor legwork, abs plus a few back exercises and a nice towel stretch. I felt great (relatively speaking) and invigorated after this workout, and Donna's attitude made me feel like a caring friend had come to visit. Back to Basics has been somewhat ignored in favor of Donna's more recent videos, but it's an excellent basic, no-gimmicks workout for beginners, intermediates or the illness-stricken in need of a lift. Grade: A+

Instructor comments: Donna is her usual exploding-with-excitement self; her blinding grins between sentences put most Miss Americas to shame. But she is truly a Fitness Pro, and her cueing and form instructing are at their very best in this video. Whenever I'm down or under the weather, I feel like I have a friend in Donna!

Sue Bryant

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