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Attitude Aerobics

This video evolved from the Perfect Balance Workout video, which had 4 instructors each rotating between 6 different sections (Donna did the Attitude Aerobics Section.) I have not done that other tape--I'm just providing some background info here. The tape case for Attitude Aerobics says 39 minutes, so I figured there'd be a warm-up/stretch, 25-30 mnutes of aerobics, and a quick cool-down stretch. WRONG! The tape starts with a tai chi warm-up, taught by one of the *other* instructors from the Perfect Balance Workout. It lasts *forever* and there is no verbal instruction whatsoever, you're just supposed to follow along. Meanwhile they're all wearing short kimono-robes over leggings on this fake-o oriental inspired set with bad musicthat sounded, quite frankly, like porno background music to me. Then you get to the Attitude Aerobics which Donna leads, which are not very fun (htough you wouldn't know it from the whooping), too fast and only last 17 minutes. Then you have the yoga cool down, which is lead by a different Perfect Balance Workout instructor. I never did finish the tape, so I can't comment on the quality of the yoga cool down. When I figured out that I only got 17 minutes of aerobics (and not all that challenging either) I stopped the tape, marched upstatirs and put in 20 minutes on my exercise bike.

I loved Donna Mite, and thought that 4 Day Rotation was ok, but I just haven't been able to get into any of Donna's other tapes. Maybe someday she'll do a Donna Mite 2. Meanwhile, I give Attitude Aerobics a C+ as is, but a D as the "intermediate to advanced level workout" as which it is billed.

Renee Drellishak

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