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Yoga in Nature: The Sun Salutation Survival Kit

Evamarie Pilipuf

I had such high hopes for this. The word ďintermediateĒ is right on the front cover, so I expected something on the tough side. Instead, itís definitely beginner-level, which is not what Iím looking for. As the name would suggest, the workout is based on sun salutations and variations thereof. Itís about 50 minutes, and shot outdoors (which is an added plus in my book). She starts with a warm-up that is a little unconventional for a yoga tape. There are dancy-type moves and a few tai-chi-based moves in the warmup. I didnít like this at all, and when I was doing it, decided I would simply skip that in the future. After I got into the workout itself, I decided Iíd be skipping the entire tape in the future. The workout is pleasant and fantastic for a beginner, but not challenging in the least for me. If this is an intermediate workout, I would hate to see her beginnerís workout. The sun salutations are highly modified to be as easy as possible. Other moves she does (such as Boat) are also modified to the extent that only a true beginner would attain any benefit. Thatís fine Ė itís more interesting and different than the other beginner videos out there, so itís a good buy for many Ė but putting ďintermediateĒ on the cover is misleading. I would HIGHLY recommend this for a beginner, because of itís uniqueness and nice production, but only a beginner. I got this one at ($19.99).

Annie S.


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