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Introduction to Yoga: Gentle, for Extreme Beginners

Evamarie Pilipuf

This is one of two “beginner” yoga videos I have tried that actually IS for beginners! (The other being “Easy Yoga” with Leeann Carey, which I have reviewed).

There are NO: sun salutations, down dogs, forward bends, back bends. Few pose names, little Sanskrit. Very low woo woo factor.

This was fairly easy for me, but I will keep it for those low energy or recovery from illness times.

The workout is on a chaptered DVD. The yoga section is about 60 minutes long. There is an additional 20 minute “Mindfulness off the Mat” section with more info about poses and yoga in general. Including a discussion of the “Yoga Gear Blues”, where she discusses yoga props and yoga clothing. (You don’t need all the fancy stuff!)

The workout is done with her voice-over narration. Modifications are shown with and without props. She mirror cues, which is nice. She is very good about mentioning form pointers and emphasizing breathing.

A breakdown:
Warm-up (8 minutes) Flowing tai chi-like movements.
Flamenco wrist drills (wrist warm-up and stretches)
Mountain pose and abdominal breathing explanation
Namaste - Prayer Pose
Standing Archer (twist)

Child’s pose
Cat stretch
Kneeling opposite arm and leg stretch
Kneeling arm stretch
Kneeling twist
Seated arm & shoulder stretches
Seated side stretch
Lying pelvic tilts
Bent leg lifts (for abs)
Lying total body stretch
Single knee to chest
Hamstring stretch
Piriformis stretch
Double knee to chest
Knee circles
Lying twists
Lying side stretch
Lying tree pose
Savasana - relaxation - Meditation (6 minutes)
Coming out of relaxation stretches


Music: Very nice classical guitar and cello by “Montana Skies”. She sometimes choreos the moves to the music, which I liked.

Setting: Outdoors, near a lake. There is loud birdsong, which my cat liked!

Stuff that didn’t bother me, but may bother you:
She is wearing a TON of make-up. Not floozy make-up, more like stage/theatrical make-up that overemphasizes her eyes.
She sometimes has to adjust her very long hair in a pose. I read in an amazon review where that bothered someone.

This routine will be too easy for most folks. And as it doesn't say many of the pose names, so you won't really learn much about yoga itself. I bought it at amazon. Here is Evamarie’s website:

Instructor comments: Instructor: A pleasant voice with a professional presentation. Evamarie is a dancer and a fitness competitor. She is very athletic. Her costumes are colorful. (But, not as colorful as Wai Lana - LOL!)



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