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Core Secrets Head to Toe in 30 Minutes

Gunnar Peterson

This workout is broken down as follows (times are approx:)
4 minutes warm-up/stretch; 6 minutes medicine ball work; 10 minutes dumbbells work; 8 minutes stability ball & dumbbells; 2 minute cooldown/stretch.

The workout is functional fitness moves. The medicine ball segment includes side lunges and the you lift up the ball to the other side, pushups - one set with one hand on the medicine ball, and one set regular, and ends with side lunges without the lift. The pushups with the medicine ball were different -- Gunnar tells you to really press into the ball so that side is worked harder. The lunge/lift move also provided a bit of a balance challenge, while raising the heart rate. The med ball segment was short, but I felt worked.
The dumbell segment consisted of interesting moves - such as a deadlift into a monkey lift (your hands lift up to your armpits, grazing your side). In between sets, you do an active recovery, which is bicep curls with the light weights.
The ball segment had some upper moves - while leaning on the ball you do tricep extensions and rear flyes. Then you lie on the ball front facing, and rest your shins or thighs on it, and do back extensions by lifting both legs together. He finishes with ab work where you lie on the mat and have your legs on the ball.
The stretch segment felt good for the lower body.
The workout moves quickly, but you get a few water breaks, and enough time to get the equipment you need for the next segment.
I like the fact that the entire workout is 30 minutes -- including warmup/equipment changes, etc. A lot of workouts claim to be 30 minutes, but by the time you move around and get out equipment, etc., it ends up being longer.
This is good for time-crunched days, where you don't want to do a full workout with cardio. It's not a complete full body workout, but a lot gets done in a short period of time. I would classify it as beginner (without weights & med ball) to intermediate. It is fun and easy to pick up for first time users of functional fitness-type workouts.

Instructor comments: Gunnar is funny and down to earth. He demonstrates each move before each set.



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