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Core Secrets Bun Battle

Gunnar Peterson

Bun Battle is a 20min add-on workout to the Core Secrets basic kit. It's a low-intermediate level workout that uses the stability ball and your body weight only. There's a wide variety of squats, lunges, leg lifts, and some unique floor exercises done propped up on the ball. It's got great music, good instruction and some interesting moves.

The actual workout is only 14min long and features 15 different exercises, a total of 34 exercises in all - a lot of variety, and every single exercise uses the stability ball, sometimes for balance, sometimes for added weight. I'd compare the intensity to Kathy Smith's Lift Weights to Lose Weights (vol 1) or Tamilee Webb's "I Want Those Buns", not as difficult as say a Cathe strength workout.

Although I don't think this workout would challenge an advanced exerciser, I'm surprised to find that my buns are sore this afternoon after doing the workout this AM and I consider myself a high-intermed level exerciser. To tell you the truth I was relieved when he did the entire cool-down stretch seated on the ball because dang I was tired & ready to sit!

It features the same set and exercisers described in the Ab Assault review: a bright studio set with big windows and art deco walls. Gunnar coaches Brooke Burke and four gals who all use the silver 65cm Core Secrets stability ball. I found a 55cm ball works fine. Michelle shows modifications for beginners. The window shows a Hollywood hillscape view.

Like Ab Assault, the music in the workout is loud and it's jazzy pop instrumental (by Daveed). Also this workout is close-captioned which some might find useful for following the workout.

It's got a 4.5min warm-up, 14min lower body workout and 2min cool-down stretch. Gunnar demonstrates the first rep and then everyone joins him - typically he does 8-10 reps. In this workout there is a fair amount of camera play on Brooke Burke and she gets caught moaning and groaning "oh no" more than a few times. Gunnar is straight-forward, coaches & cues the exercises very well and interacts a bit more with the crew. He seems to be having a bit more fun pushing everyone during the frog squeezes "this is one of your butt's best friends" and ending the routine with the "king of all butt exercises" the squat "for posterity, get it?"

All in all a good workout for a beginner to aspire to after FIRM Basics or for someone who needs a change of pace from Tamilee or Kathy Smith workouts. Has enough variety to inspire a FIRMie but not going to challenge a Cathe-ite for very long. I give it an A-. I wonder if you can make this workout more intense by adding ankle weights or a weight belt?

WARM-UP 4.5min
good mornings

overhead arch
side twist
side lunge w/ball roll
hurdle stretch
shoulder/lat stretch
chest stretch
hamstring stretch
hip flexor stretch
forward roll

"family reunion" squats
"atlas squat" static lunge w/ball overhead
egyptian squat
ski squat
elvis rear lunge
leg lifts to back
leg lifts to side
ballet squats/plie with ball roll-out
front/side/twist back lunges
curtsy dips
leg lifts prone on ball
alternating leg lifts
reverse hyperextensions
frog squeezes

back stretch
side reach
hamsstring/shin stretch
bent-over back stretch
overhead stretch
side hamstring stretch

TOTAL: 21min DawnP


This is a 22 minute bun workout that utilizes the stabilty ball. He uses the ball to do squats, lunges, and various other exercises. He does 1 set of several different exercises (I believe it is 10 reps for most).

I enjoyed this workout very much. It is too short for me to do alone, but I think that it would be great as an add on video.

Instructor comments: This is the first video I did with Gunnar. I like his personality. He is not hyper, but he is not all serious either. He cues very well.



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