Video Fitness

Nike Total Body Conditioning

(Intermediate/Advanced-Step Aerobics, Toning)

Nike nets three top-notch instructors - Kari Anderson, Donna Richardson and Jeff Vandiver - for its answer to the Reebok video library. It kicks off with a fired-up step workout that includes some patterns that might be a little tricky to learn, especially Kari's fancy footwork. Then there are several segments of upper-body, lower-body and abs training using dumbbells, a Body Bar or barbell, and an Xertube. Between these segments are "cardio recovery" intervals consisting of less-intense stepping. The production and airplane-hangar-like set are very attractive, the music is joyous and energetic and the instructors are as professional as they come. However, persons who aren't used to interval training, or the less-coordinated, might have trouble keeping up, as few modifications are shown. Dumbbells can be used in place of the Body Bar. Can be purchased with or without an Xertube.
Grade: B+

Sue Bryant

This is a step and conditioning workout that is structured a little differently than most. The step aerobics are only about 20 minutes long (sigh), then you go to resistance training. Between the resistance segments are additional step "recovery" segments. A Bodybar is used for some toning; I use dumbbells with only minor modifications (I don't believe these are shown, however). There is also a routine for the rotator cuff that is so often neglected. The instructors are, of course, excellent and they teach in what could be called a tag-team style. I like the variety presented in this tape. The only thing I perceive as "wrong" is that as soon as I get into my target hr zone during the aerobics, they're over! Oh well...

Angela Pahlow

This is pretty good -- a keeper. I would call this workout "sort of" circuit training. You start by doing about 20-25 minutes of step with each instructor taking turns. Then the second half of the class is toning, step again, toning again, step again, and toning again. So the second half is 3 toning segments and 2 step segments. The instructors take turns in the second half as well.

This is fun, but not a real killer. Your heart rate does stay up during the step part, especially with Kari's lunge sequence. I'd rate the entire workout as intermediate level.

The toning is done with a rubber tube or hand weights, whichever you prefer. The tape comes with a tube. I paid $24.95 for the workout from Collage, but I recently saw it marked down at Best Buy for $3.99!!!

All the instructors are great, as you would expect, but there isn't enough time for all their personalities to really come through. Despite that, if this was the first you had ever seen of them, I think it would motivate you to get some of their other tapes, too.

My grade for this is A-.

Instructor comments: Wow - three of the best instructors on one tape! They're all very engaging and fun.

Annie S.

After having this video sitting in my collection for about five years, and wondering why I haven't gone back to it sooner, I decided to try it again. I was never too keen on circuit training, but now being addicted to Step and Stones I and II, I tried it this morning. I absolutely love Kari Anderson, but this tape is so easy and the way they "placate" you like you are a beginner (it's labeled "advanced"). Donna keeps saying "are you okay?" while doing such simple basic moves that are less intense than Cathe's warm-ups. The step section was only 18 minutes, the abwork only 2 minutes. I was getting frustrated during the cardio recovery periods and did my own jogging and jumping jacks. That tape will now go back into the back of the cabinet - I may try it again when I reach old age and need a simple, not intense, workout. I immediately did Power Kicks after this tape and felt great.

Instructor comments: Three popular instructors, my favorite being Kari Anderson.

MaryAnn Parker

I'm sorry, this tape is just too annoying, too complicated, too long. I bought it for $4 and I'd like to have my money back. The workout is frustrating and exasperating and the instructors and their idiotic smiles and chatter get on my last nerve. I'll be giving this one to my sister-in-law!


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