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MTV's The Grind Hip Hop Workout

(Beginner-Floor Aerobics, Abs Toning)

Nothing professional or officially-approved about this one - it's just pure "get up off that couch and get down!!" The funky "Grind" club kids take turns showing you their favorite hip-hop moves, then put them together into a routine, all backed by top dance-club hits like "I'm Gonna Get You", TLC's "Creep", others. Host Eric Nies then leads a rather beefcakey abs routine. A surprisingly good video, considering the source.
Grade: A-

Sue Bryant

I was really disappointed with this workout. I was looking for something fun that would vary from the usual. The problem I had with this tape is that it is stop and go. They show you one move at a time, combine a few and then start again. I couldn't get my heartbeat up enough to make a difference. This tape MIGHT be good for beginners.

Tina Ruff

I am really surprised at the negative reviews this video has received. I would be interested to know the ages of the previous reviewers. Most 20 somethings I know aren't interested in simply "moving and sweating" for an hour to look good. That works for a little while, and then most (at least I do) tend to dread putting in the personality and style devoid tapes in. I enjoy dancing - not to oldies, not to some break neck speed top forty song with the singer's voices as high as the Chipmunks- I like real dance music. The kind that forces you to get up and nod your head and bend your knees. That is motivation. But great music is not enough. You can't put on great music and then be asked to do push ups and lunges for an hour and enjoy it. I think part of what the other reviewers failed to recognize is that these tapes make you want to dance. They make you not mind the sweat. They give the shy dancer some confidence to do more than sway the next time they're at the club. And, if you choose to hold in your stomach, listen to what Lynda says you should be feeling, then adjust your body so that you can feel it, and really put energy into the moves, you will definitely be sweating and reaching your target heart rate.

Maybe this video isn't for everyone - but if you watch MTV Primetime and think, I wish I could dance like that, then you will be pleased when you try this video.

Let the boring people have the boring tapes. I want more funky hip hop tapes!!!!!

Thanks for the space to vent!

Instructor comments:

Lynda Nader is far superior as an instructor/choreographer than Tina Landon on the other MTV Tapes. As other reviewers have mentioned, she is much more descriptive with how to do the moves, and usually cues you throughout the video.


I think this video is a blast. I use it when I need a "relief" from rigid cheorography. The Grind dancers show you the moves and say "use your own style." That's what I like about it because you can add a little attitude and just dance around if you want to. The moves are easy enough to learn the first or second time you watch the tape and the music is upbeat and keeps you moving. You can put as much into this tape depending on what kind of workout you want. I like following this tape with a short toning tape because it gets my heart pumping, but doesn't wear me out. Rating: B

Julianne Johnston

Great!!!!GREAT!!!!! Gets you off the couch and moving. Plus, it's not a video that tries to conquer your fears of why you're overweight--just get up and do it if you can. Keep trying it's wonderful :)

Instructor comments: The instructors are great!!! They let you add your own style and they have fun while working out so it lifts your spirits, too. Besides, they give you something good to look at. Eric, he's so fine, and my husband loves the ladies. It's just an all around good time.


I just got this tape, and I love doing it. It's just a lot of fun. The dance moves are pretty easy to learn, then you just add your style and have a good time. And I find myself getting my heartrate up. I haven't watched any of the MTV dance shows on TV, so I am not sure how Eric Nies is normally, but in this video he was annoying at times. I skip the ab section, since it is just a demo of proper form. This tape is a good one to do when you're just not up to doing a Cathe tape. It's also a good change of pace. Compared to Paula Abdul's tapes or the G-Force Funk tape, this tape is much easier to learn.

Instructor comments: Lynda is super enthusiastic and is a lot of fun.

Cathy Mark

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